Why is My Central AC Running Constantly in Enterprise, NV? Dirty Condenser, Bad Limit Switch & More

During the hot summer months we depend on our air conditioner to run flawlessly to keep our homes cool. As we hope our air conditioner will run all summer, it can be concerning if the air conditioner runs non-stop. An air conditioner should never continuously run as this will lead to an expensive power bill and wear down the air conditioner. An air conditioner runs a cycle and it shuts down once the home is cool. If the air conditioner never ends a cycle, this is a major problem. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share why the air conditioner will fail to shut off and how to correct this problem.

Wrong Thermostat Setting

When you hear the air conditioner running non-stop, know that it is not normal nor healthy for the HVAC system. To determine why the air conditioner continuously runs, start with checking the thermostat. Before contacting an HVAC service, check your thermostat’s setting. See if the thermostat setting indicates “on” or “auto.” If the thermostat is set to the “on” setting this is most likely the reason why the air conditioner is continuously running. When the thermostat is set to “on” the air conditioner’s fan continues to run. When you hear the air conditioner running in this case, it is the fan running continuously. You don’t want the thermostat set to “on” as it will cause a rise in your power bill and wear down the fan motor unnecessarily. For proper efficiency and to prolong the life of your fan motor, keep your thermostat set to “auto.”

Dirty AC Condenser

Sometimes the air conditioner will run for extended periods and not so much non-stop. Long cycles are also not healthy for the HVAC system and indicates a problem. One common reason when the air conditioner will run for much too long is the condenser unit is dirty. The condenser unit or the coils of the condenser can become impacted with dirt, debris, or it may be overwhelmed by grass or weeds. If the condenser air flows become restricted you will have prolonged cycles. Make sure the condenser unit is free of all debris, vegetation or clutter. If needed, contact an HVAC company. They can come and thoroughly clean the condenser and the coils.

Bad AC Limit Switch

The air conditioner’s fan and motor has a “limit switch” that controls the motor. Essentially, the limit switch tells the motor to turn on and off as needed. Sometimes the limit switch breaks or gets stuck. When this happens the fan can either get stuck on or to the off position. If it has gotten stuck to the “on” position, the fan will run continuously. If this is the case, it is recommended that you seek an HVAC service. They can check the limit switch and see if it needs to be repaired or replaced. However, you do not want the fan running non-stop as it will wear down faster, overheat, and run up your power bill.

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