Las Vegas summers can make even the local residents that have been here 20 plus years consider moving to Alaska. They are hot and dry, and if you don’t have air conditioning in your home or business, it is truly torture. We mean, cruel and unusual punishment torture. So having your air conditioning unit die on you in the middle of summer; especially on a weekend, can seem like you have just been sentenced to serve time in hell.

Residential Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Company

Rest assured there is an alternative to slowly roasting, and that is calling Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning. With our expertly trained professionals on standby, you will know the best in the business has your back. Being fully licensed and insured, our specialists will get your emergency repair done quickly and efficiently. Not only being the best in the business, but we only use top quality parts to ensure your repairs are executed to perfection. When we utilize top of the line, high quality, engineered parts, you know the issue at hand is being repaired beyond compare. Our knowledgeable professionals continue ongoing training to ensure the ability to repair most make and models, and those repairs are performed skillfully and precisely.

Commercial Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Service

Whether you own your business, or are a homeowner, it is truly beneficial to know there is a trustworthy company ready to get you back in the walls of comfort. Having an air conditioner malfunction on you can be hard to endure, especially for business owners. You cannot afford to have your clientele skipping your business, simply for a moment, it seems cooler outside than it does inside on a toasty 100 plus degree scorching afternoon. With having our professionals at Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning, you know your customers won’t be suffering long with a quick emergency repair service.

Las Vegas Heat Pump, Ductless Mini Split & Central Air Conditioner Repair

If you are looking for reliable air conditioning repair service in Las Vegas, look no further. Our air conditioning repair specialists can handle repairs for all brands, makes and models of air conditioning units and systems. We specialize in heat pump repair, ductless mini split repair and repairs for zone control air conditioning systems. We can also take care of any issues you may be having with your thermostat.

Air Conditioning Warning Signs

While many people simply do not realize that their air conditioning equipment needs service, there are a few warning signs that let you know when your air conditioning system undoubtedly needs a repair. If your Las Vegas air conditioning system is making strange noises, is not providing enough cool air or has shut down altogether, it’s time to call Air Supply. Whether your air conditioning system needs a part replacement, a simple tune-up adjustment or a complex repair, our air conditioning repair technicians are trained and experienced to pinpoint the source of the problem quickly and provide you with the most cost–effective solution.

Preventive Air Conditioning Maintenance & Tune Ups Helps Avoid Emergency Repairs

Avoiding emergency services is optimal. Keep us in mind to regularly clean, maintain, and tune-up your air conditioning unit is how you can do just that. Not only can our technicians perform emergency repair miracles, but being the best in the Las Vegas desert, we can help extend the life of your air conditioning unit, and help hinder the catastrophic emergencies. Our competitors have a tendency to charge high rates for emergency services, but with Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning, our emergency prices are only raised a fraction for after hour visits, to give our customers superior services at affordable rates.

Emergency A/C Repair Services in the Las Vegas Valley

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning are at the top of our class. With the mass of experience we have accumulated, the continuous training, superior equipment, and best repair products and parts; you will trust us for years to come with not only your emergency air conditioning repairs, but for all your HVAC needs. Be sure to keep our contact information in your phone for a quick request to aid you in all your HVAC needs and services. Don’t delay, call us today!