What Should I Look for when Buying a New Furnace in Spring Valley, NV? Energy Efficiency & More

Sometimes, when you turn your furnace on for the first time in a fall/winter season, you may find out that your furnace isn’t working properly and you need to replace it rather than repair it. Hunting for a new furnace can be a big job. You want to make sure you’re choosing the right one for your home that will offer energy efficiency so you aren’t overpaying for your heat moving forward. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to share some tips and tricks to help you buy the best furnace for your home.

How Do You Assess the Energy Efficiency Performance of Furnaces?

You want your furnace to provide your home with the heat that you need without using too much power to get it done. They way that the furnace manufacturers determine the efficiency of a furnace is based on how much heat the furnace can put out while using as little fuel as possible to do it. Each furnace will be given a AFUE rating that will help you determine how energy efficient the furnace will be.
– 80% is standard efficiency
– 90% is high efficiency
– 95% is the newest and most efficient in natural gas furnaces

What are Furnace Heating System Features

You will want to consider other factors when choosing the right furnace for your home as well.
– Single Stage or Two Stage Furnace: When you choose a single stage furnace, you are choosing one that has one setting which is full blast. With a two stage furnace, you can choose between full power and a lower setting. Choosing a two stage furnace will give you lower energy bills that you would get with a single stage furnace.
– Variable Speed Airflow: One more energy efficiency option that you can consider is a furnace that has variable speed airflow. You will have more control over the amount of hot air that is blown into your home. If you don’t feel you need that much, you have the control that will determine how much you’re receiving.
– Consider Annual Heating Cost: You are going to end up paying more for a more energy efficient unit, but you need to consider how much you will be saving in energy costs. You may find that the savings you get will balance out the added cost of the unit. You will more than likely come out on top with a more energy efficient furnace that costs a little bit more upfront than a cheaper model that isn’t going to give you the same efficiency over the life of the furnace.

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