No matter what climate you live in, you are sure to use your heating unit to warm up your house to make it more comfortable for everyone. The heating unit is part of the HVAC system that either runs cooled down air or heated up air depending on the temperature that is set. Although the heater is part of the HVAC unit, it works independently to heat the home. When the heater starts to work less efficiently or stops working altogether you need to decide whether the heater can be repaired or replaced. If you are looking into the best option for you make sure that you contact one of our expert technicians to come out and look at what the cost of replacement would be.

What Type of Heater do You Have?

There are four different types of heaters that can come standard with a home or business and you need to know what you have in order to purchase a new unit to have it installed.

Furnace: If you live in an area that has fairly cold temperatures you are most likely going to have a furnace to heat the home. The furnace works like a forced central air system and will heat the air using coils. The furnace can run on many types of gases or electricity to function. The furnace will use the existing duct work and a fan to push the air through the duct and into the rooms.

Heat Pump: This is not like the other two options at all. A heat pump does not actually heat the
air but uses electricity to take the air that is warm and move it to a cooler area. This is not the ideal heating system if you live in a climate that has some seriously low frigid temperatures. There are two styles of heat pumps one is a common pump that is attached to the outside of the home and will use the duct work to push around the air. There is another type that is called a geothermal pump that is installed in the ground and uses the natural heat from the earth.

Packaged Unit: This is an extremely common type of heating system that is installed in many homes that don’t have extremely low temperatures. This unit has all the elements to heat or cool a home and is installed on the outside of the house.

Boiler: A boiler is a system that also is central and will use the pipes to send the air through the home. The heat will normally come out through radiant heat or through floor pipes. Some boilers use heated water or steam to warm the air.

If you are interested in having an expert technician come out and determine what type of heating unit you have and what is best to replace it with give Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning today to make an appointment.