What is the Most Common Cause of HVAC Electrical Problems in Lone Mountain Village, NV?

Modern air conditioning systems have many different components that are connected and powered by electrical wiring. Electrical wiring and components can develop a host of problems that will affect the functioning of the air conditioning system. When the wiring or an electrical component is damaged, it will need to be repaired. As an air conditioner can develop a vast amount of different problems it can be a challenge to determine if the problem is electrical or mechanical. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share how to troubleshoot your air conditioning electrical problems.

Tripped HVAC Circuit Breaker

The HVAC system has its own dedicated circuit that provides the needed power to the cooling and heating system. Some of your electrical problems may have come down to the breaker itself. Breakers can wear down or develop their own problems. At times when the breaker trips or will not switch on, the breaker to the HVAC system may need to be replaced. Other times the breaker will trip frequently when the HVAC overheats. Overheating usually points to a mechanical problem and not so much as an electrical problem. If the power supply to the air conditioner is completely cut off and the air conditioner fails to start up, this points to the breaker.

HVAC Electrical Wiring Problems

When looking inside an air conditioner unit you will see a number of electrical wires that stem from various components. The wiring within the unit is protected and therefore should avoid any major damages. However, over time the protective plastic coating can break down and crack. Once cracks develop, moisture can get inside and damage the wiring. Other times mice or rats can get inside and chew the wiring. In other circumstances the wiring may have overheated and burn up. This is often the result of a power surge. When the wiring is damaged, it will affect the cooling system in a few different ways. Some components will fail to start up. Depending on where wiring damages are located, it might be hard to detect. However, you can often see the damages and the HVAC technician can replace the damaged wiring.

Bad AC Capacitor

Another common electrical problem is a bad capacitor. There are two capacitors. One powers the compressor motor and the second powers the fan motor. Usually only one capacitor will break down at a time. When the responsible capacitor fails, that component will not start up. Essentially, if the compressor never starts up the air conditioner will not create cool air and you will feel hot air blowing through the air vents. If the fan motor’s capacitor fails, the air conditioner will run but it will not cycle the cool air through the air ducts. Capacitors can be easily replaced. An HVAC technician can help replace the capacitors and restore your air conditioning system.

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When your HVAC develops electrical problems, an HVAC technician can inspect your air conditioning system and seek out the electrical problems. When your air conditioner develops problems this coming summer, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.