Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning has become a trusted source for commercial businesses and residential homes of Greater Las Vegas, NV for complete HVAC system services. Being fully licensed, insured and certified to supply our valued customers with professional HVAC services while maintaining high moral standards and family-friendly customer service. With the use of top of the line equipment and products, Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning experienced experts deliver premium results in all services rendered, including our commercial air conditioning inspection service.

Complex Commercial Air Conditioning Units

Las Vegas, NV and the surrounding areas local businesses rely on their air conditioner during the scorching hot summers to provide comfortable indoor temperatures to customers and staff members. Keeping your business cooled will keep employee production high and customers happy. Commercial buildings have a complex air conditioning system that Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning understands and can easily perform necessary services to keep your air conditioning working at peak performance. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning commercial air conditioning inspection service is a beneficial aid to keep your air conditioner in its prime.

Commercial Air Conditioning Inspection Checklist

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning comprehensive commercial air conditioning inspection service for your commercial building across the Las Vegas, NV valley includes, but is not limited to the following listed below.
– Inspect and clean the outdoor condensing unit
 – Indoor coils are inspected for cleanliness and proper performance.
 – Perform a thorough visual inspection for refrigerant leaks.
 – Condensate drain pan is inspected for proper drainage and cleanliness.
 – Condensate drain line and p-trap are checked for any obstructions.
 – Electrical wiring is scrutinized for poor wiring application than can be a safety hazard or prevent your air conditioning unit from optimal operation.
 – Blower assembly is observed for any filth or flaws.
 – Thermostat programming and efficient proceedings are checked.
 – Proper suction and discharge pressure is verified.
 – Supply and return air static pressures are confirmed.
 – Safety controls are tested and inspected for proper function.
 – All electrical components are observed for appropriate working capabilities.
 – Verify temperature drop and correct sub-cooling.
 – Motor amps are verified per manufacturer.
 – Control panel is cleared of debris and inspected for flaws.
 – Voltage to equipment ratio is verified.
 – Blower speed is tested confirmed for adequacy.
 – Refrigerant levels are inspected for sufficiency per model air conditioner.
 – Run a cycle on equipment to verify operation performance.
 – Clean or replace filter accordingly.
 – Complete written comprehensive report on inspection observations, diagnostic results, and test grades.

Commercial Air Conditioning Inspection Checklist & Report in Las Vegas Valley, Summerlin, North LV & Henderson Nevada

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning commercial air conditioning inspection is essential for your overall HVAC system performance. Compared to the maintenance service, our inspections an in depth and complete to ensure your air conditioning system is running at full potential while catching any shortcomings, deterioration, or malfunctions before they develop into something for more serious. Avoid having air conditioning catastrophes for your Greater Las Vegas, NV commercial building and invest in a commercial air conditioning unit inspection service, performed by the experienced technicians from Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning. Call us today to schedule your appointment!