What Happens if You Have a Refrigerant Leak in Summerlin South, NV? Poor Cooling & More

During the middle of the summer season, the worst situation to occur in your home is when the air conditioner begins to produce warm and sometimes even hot air instead of cool air. When you can feel warm air coming from your vents instead of cool air, something is obviously wrong. Warm air from the vents can mean different problems. One may be a refrigerant leak. When you discover your air conditioner is blowing warm air and want to see if you have a refrigerant leak, Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share some the symptoms of a refrigerant leak to better determine the problem.

What Does an AC Refrigerant Leak Look, Sound & Feel Like?

Poor Cooling: When there is a refrigerant leak the home will begin to warm up and the air conditioner will fail to cool it down. During the early stages of a refrigerant leak there may be enough refrigerant to produce some cool air. However, there often isn’t enough to cool down the home.
Longer Cooling Cycles: Since the home isn’t cooling down properly, the air conditioner will run more and longer cooling cycles. When you notice your air conditioner running more often and yet the home is still warm and uncomfortable, this is often a sign of low level refrigerants.
High Power Bill: As a result of more frequent and longer cooling cycles, you may also notice your power bill has increased. An increased power bill points to a major efficiency problem as the air conditioner isn’t cooling the home effectively. This alone isn’t a sign of a refrigerant leak. However an increased power can help alert you to a potential problem, including a refrigerant leak. Never disregard a higher energy bill as this often points to a problem with the air conditioner.
High Humidity: Is the air inside your home filled with moisture and feels humid? The air conditioner and the refrigerant not only cools the air but removes the humidity in the air. When the air inside the home feels humid and your know your air conditioner is running, this is a clear sign that you have a refrigerant leak.
Ice on The Evaporator Coils: Ice will form on the evaporator coil when the coils or even the air filters are dirty, which causes longer cooling cycles. However, the evaporator coils will ice up when the refrigerant is low. Often you will have combined symptoms along with ice on the coil that determines if you have a refrigerant leak. When you have ice on the coils, check if the coils are dirty, if not then you have a leak.
Hissing or Bubbling AC Sounds: When a leak first occurs you can hear the refrigerant escaping out. Often when the refrigerant is leaking it will make a hissing or bubbling sound. When you hear one of these noise it is most likely a refrigerant leak.

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When you have a refrigerant leak, your first step is to turn off the air conditioner. There is no point running the air conditioner since it cannot make cool air. Additionally, you can overheat the air conditioner leading to component failure. After turning off the air conditioner, your next step is to contact an air conditioner repair service. Only a licensed air conditioning technician can recharge refrigerant and they can repair the leak. If you have a refrigerant leak or require other HVAC services, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.