Uneven Heating or Cooling Distribution in Your Summerlin, NV House; How to Even Out Your Temperatures

There are few things that people get annoyed about. One is when something that you use on a regular basis stops working right. One of those things that make a huge impact on your life is your HVAC unit. We expect our heating and cooling unit to keep our home at a temperature that is comfortable. When the unit stops working all together you know that you have to call out a professional to make repairs. The more annoying and sometimes confusing aspect of the HVAC unit is when it is still working but not correctly. You might have a problem with the unit running for long periods of time, not blowing the right temperature of air out or the rooms are not even in temperature. The uneven balance might be an issue that you don’t even realize right away but the members of your house will be fighting over the thermostat. One room is too hot so they crank it down while the other room is getting cold and off they go to turn it back up. The uneven air temperature is actually a sign that there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Lists Reasons Your HVAC Unit Could Be Struggling With Uneven Temperatures

Undersized & Other Duct Work Problems: The air ducts that are in your home have a huge task. They need to be in top shape in order to do their job. Without them your heating and air conditioning unit would just spew out the air in one spot with no way to disperse it. The air ducts are a perfectly laid out series of duct or large pipes that are spread out to connect to each and every room. That way when the unit kicks on all the room should receive air. If you notice that one room is just not keeping up there could be something blocking the duct or the duct can be damaged or undersized. You need to have them inspected, cleaned and repaired to ensure that the air has a clear path.
Sun Filled Rooms Cause Uneven Temperatures: You need to look at the rooms that are giving you trouble. Is it the same room no matter what the season? You need to look into the location of the room as well as the outdoor exposure that it gets. If there is a room that has a window that faces the sun it can become much hotter than other rooms. The easy fix is to be sure that you hang curtains on these windows to help block the sun. The secondary issue is the location of the room. If it is above a garage or outside area it can be colder or hotter than the rest of the rooms. You need to be sure that the room is well insulated to help keep the cooled or heated air in the room.
Oversized or Undersized Central AC Unit: The problem that some people have when they are experiencing uneven temperatures in their home is from the wrong unit. If you have a unit that is too small for the home it will struggle to keep the house at the temperature that you choose. You want to make sure that you contact a professional that has the ability to calculate what size unit would work best for your size home.

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