Full Service Air Conditioning Contractors

With temperatures normally exceeding over 110 degrees in the hot summer months of Las Vegas, it is not only a commodity to have the air conditioning unit running, but it’s a matter of survival. Like any appliance, the air conditioning unit needs to be cared for and maintained, for efficiency and longevity. Having our professionals at Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning will contribute to these attributes.

Air Conditioning Unit Inspection

It is highly recommended that you get a trusted expert from Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning to give your air conditioning unit a full inspection at least once year, or more optimally, at the start and finish of air conditioning season. Doing so will not only continue to give the air conditioning unit the tender love and care it deserves, but will enhance performance, increase the lifespan of the unit, and help avert disaster.

A/C Inspections Alert Problems to Troubleshoot & Repair Early!

Replacing an air conditioning unit can run over $2,000, whereas investing in an experienced service man to inspect your air conditioning unit can save you nearly all of that cost. Our specialist will give your unit a full service inspection, and recommend the repairs as needed before they become so catastrophic that repairs are no longer an option. We want to save our customers money, and become your trusted professional for years to come. With our stellar reputation, you will not have to worry about getting taken advantage of.

Thorough Air Conditioning Inspection Report

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning technicians are masterly trained to perform all services on your HVAC system. When we perform an inspection on your unit, we also will ensure that the grills are free of dirt for smooth airflow. Any filters are either cleaned or if needed replaced. The fuses and electrical components are fully functioning and operating with high standards. The motors amperage, and voltage and overall condition is tested, and if needed, maintenance will be applied. All moving parts and bearings will be inspected to make sure they are well lubricated. If our team notices any connectors are loose, they will be tightened down. The coolant levels are checked, and if required, topped off. Along with many other system checks, your air conditioner will be thoroughly inspected.

Spring Time Air Conditioning Inspections

There is a lot going on in your air conditioner, the engineering is designed to handle normal wear and tear; with regular tune-ups and maintenance. Having your air conditioner sitting in hibernation mode throughout the winter can also hamper the efficiency. It is crucial to have a reputable company provide an air conditioning inspection before starting your air conditioner up for the summer months; that always come too early living in the hot Las Vegas desert.

43-Point Air Conditioning Inspection

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning offers one of the most complete system HVAC inspections in the valley; not like other companies’ 15 to 20 point inspections! Ask for Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning’s ‘Desert Comfort’s 43 Point Inspection‘ and rest assured that your system will keep operating like it should.

During our 43 Point Inspection we will inspect:

*Inside (cooling components only) *Air Filter *Air Handler Cabinet (cleanliness) *Supply/return plenum(s) *Air Handler Cabinet (condition) *Condensate Drain pan *Condensate Trap *Condensate Drain lines *Ceiling savers (float switch) *Blower motor/wheel *Blower motor capacitor *Evaporator coil (cleanliness) *System sterilizer stage 1 *System Sterilizer stage 2 *System sterilizer stage 3 *Wiring *Thermostat *Circuit boards/electronics.
*Outside A/C unit (condenser) *Condensing unit cabinet *Condenser pan *Condenser coil (cleanliness) *Condenser coil (leaks) *Condenser coil (fins) *Condenser fan motor *Condenser fan blades *Contactor *Capacitors *Electronics/wiring/terminals *System amperage *Compressor *Amperage *Compressor terminals *Compressor temperature *Compressor saver (hard start) *Time delay *Temperature difference *Refrigerant level/pressure *Saturation temperature *Refrigerant service ports *Leak search required *Refrigerant line set *Outside electric disconnect *Wiring from disconnect to unit *Thermostat wiring *Surge/lightning protection

Air Conditioning Inspections are an Important Preventive Maintenance Tool!

At Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning, we are licensed, bonded and insured. Having our professionals perform an air conditioning inspection on your unit is the best thing you can do for yourself before the rising temperatures take hold. Catching an issue before it becomes a problem is the better scenario than having your air conditioner die on you in the middle of the blazing heat. Call us today to schedule your appointment!