Troubleshooting Bad Air Conditioning Blower Motor Symptoms in Green Valley Ranch, NV

The blower of the air conditioner is a fan that is inside the unit. This fan blows air through the cooling coils. It is the blower that creates and then circulates the cooled air throughout the home. The blower is a primary component of the air conditioning unit and over time it will break down and either require replacement or repair. When the blower fails it can have serious affects on your air conditioning unit. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share how to troubleshoot a failing air conditioner blower.

Bad Blower Motor Symptoms in HVAC

Air Conditioner Blower Won’t Turn on: You might notice that have your air conditioner on and although it has been running smoothly, it suddenly it shuts off or won’t activate. In turn, the inside of the home heats up. This is most often due to a problem with the blower. Most air conditioner start ups fail in many cases. In some cases, you may hear a humming or buzzing sound. However when the air conditioner is silent and simply no action occurs, it’s because the blower is completely dead. If the blower completely dies out, in most cases a HVAC technician will need to come and replace the blower.
Blower Motor Gets Hot & Shuts Off: Another common problem with many air conditioner blowers is that they can overheat, especially during the hottest times of the year. When the blower overheats it can force the motor to stop running to prevent the motor from also overheating. If the motor shuts off, it often indicates that there is an overheating issue. Shut off your air conditioner and give it time to cool down before restarting it. If it continues to overheat then leave the air conditioner off until you have a HVAC technician investigate the cause.
HVAC Fan Belt: Another problem that affects the blower is when the fan belt has shifted out of place, it has worn down, thinned out, or is damaged. Often the fan motor still may be working but when the fan belt isn’t working properly; the blower’s fan isn’t rotating. As a result, cool air is not being circulated. If the air conditioner sounds like it is running but no air is flowing out then it is most likely a problem with the fan belt.
Icing Air Conditioner or Dirty Blower: When an air conditioner ices up it can be due to a handful of problems including problems with the blower. In most cases when ice builds up around the coils and other components, it’s due to either dirty coils or dirty filters. When a blower begins to fail it can cause ice to build up due to poor air circulation from the failing blower. Additionally the blower itself can become dirty and run slower. It can cause the blower to wear down faster when it becomes dirty and corroded. Sometimes all that is needed is to have the blower cleaned.

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