Tips to Avoid Central Air Conditioning Unit Problem & Repairs During Heat Waves in Tuscany Village, NV

Summers are scorchers in the Las Vegas Valley and blasting your AC is a necessity. But running this necessary piece of equipment on overload might lead to a far worse problem, your air conditioner might just break down on you at the worst possible time. Trying to get you air conditioner fixed or replaced during a heat wave can be difficult if everyone is having the same problem. Even companies like Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning that offer their services 24/7 are trying to keep up with the demand of homeowners that need help.

Tips to Avoid Central Air Conditioner Problems During a Heatwave

1. Utilize fans in your home. If you have fans in your home, then use them. Air that is just sitting around will feel warmer. You can reduce the amount of time you need to run the AC with just a few fans circulating the air in your home. If you have ceiling fans, use them and make sure they are turning counter clockwise to push cool air down. When no one is at home, turn the AC up a little and use fans to move the air around.
2. Work with the windows in your home. Sunlight can heat your home up. Your AC system will have to work harder to cool the air in your home that is getting heated by the sun. Keep blinds and drapes closed during the day so the sun can’t warm your house up. If the weather gets cool enough at night, you can open the windows to give your AC a break.
3. Limit appliance use. The appliances in your home can use a lot of energy, but many of them have features that can help save energy. Set a timer on your TV to prevent overuse, use the “no heat” setting on your dishwasher and try using cold water in you washer. Only run full loads of clothing and dishes and try and wait till later in the evening when it’s not as hot outside.
4. Set a programmable thermostat schedule. Schedules are good thing to have in your home when it comes to AC usage. You want your home to be comfortable when everyone is home but when the family is gone for the day, your AC doesn’t need to be on full blast. Set up a schedule with a programmable thermostat to maximize the efficiently of AC equipment.
5. Turn off the lights. Keeping the lights on in your home during the day makes your home feel warmer. Turn lights off when you leave a room and install timers to turn them off if leaving lights on is a problem in your home.
6. Take care of your AC system. Maintaining your air conditioner is the best way to keep it running smoothly over the hot summer months. HVAC technicians can find any potential problems and fix them before you have a complete breakdown. Have your air ducts cleaned regularly and change air filters to help you AC system run more efficiently.

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When the temperatures soar, it’s easy to crank the air conditioner up. Take the above steps to make thing easier on your air conditioner. If you have any problems, then give the professionals at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning a call.