Tips for a DIY Furnace & Heat Pump Preventive Maintenance Checklist in Las Vegas NV to Avoid Emergency Heating Repairs!

Pretty much anything we value and depend on requires maintenance. That goes especially for the expensive units and appliances that keep our homes comfortable, such as our furnaces and heating systems. Hiring a professional to conduct as much maintenance as possible is the key to extending the life of your furnace. Just like you hire a pro to perform an oil change and tune up on your vehicle, hiring a certified expert to do a maintenance check and tune up is best. Basic furnace and heating system maintenance can be a DIY project, but it is extremely recommended that you still have a skilled technician to ensure everything is working efficiently and correctly.

Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning would like to share some tips on doing a furnace and heating systems maintenance check.

1. Replace Air Filters – All year long the air filters should be replaced. Between dust, animal fur and dander, pollen and all other contaminates floating in the air; the air filter catches these little particles. Over time it builds up on the filter. If air cannot be distributed thoroughly throughout the system, your furnace or A/C is working overtime, causing unnecessary wear and tear on your units, and your utility bill will also increase.
2. Clean Air Ducts, grills and registers (vents) – Along with replacing the filters, the grills surrounding them should also be cleaned, and wiped of debris. Wipe the dust away from the registers, and use a vacuum to clear away some of the accruing build up in the air ducts as best you can. Ensure nothing is placed or stored in front of the register vents. Keep furniture away and keep them clear to better circulate and distribute the appropriate air temperature. It is also wise to schedule an air duct cleaning to remove the allergens and contaminants circulating through your HVAC system.
3. Clean Interior HVAC Units – Our furnaces and heat pumps that work together to produce warm air, also creates condensation as a byproduct. It is collected and flushed away from the home but after a while, the nasty buildup accumulates and needs cleaning. To ensure all putrid buildup is cleaned out, follow the steps below:
– Filters need to be changed monthly. (As previously mentioned.)
– Use a 1/4 cup bleach to clean the condensation line by either pouring it into the drain trap, or into the condensate pump.
– Carefully remove the condensate tubing and flush with a burst of blowing air and reattach.
3. Clean Exterior HVAC Units – Make sure your outdoor unit is properly tucked in bed for the winter. All shrubs and junk piles should be kept clear of the unit. Periodically clear away any fallen leaves and debris.
4. Program your Thermostat – Simple enough, be sure the temperature is kept at a consistent temperature throughout the seasons. Take the time to program the temperatures when no one is home, or everyone is in bed, and especially during vacation, when the home is vacant for an extended period of time.

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