Professional Heating Contractor in Las Vegas Nevada

If your furnace or heat pump is on the fritz, Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help. Our skilled specialists and well equipped, fully-stocked service vehicles are only a phone call away. Call us 24 hours, 7 days a week for emergency service or same day furnace and heating repair. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and expertise to fix any type of heating problem and get you back in your comfort zone in no time.

Expert Furnace & Heat Pump Heating Repair

As a full-service heating contractor, Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning can diagnose and repair most every furnace and heat pump problem. If your heater can be fixed, we’ll get the job done promptly, and we will do it promptly for a reasonable price. Problems with heating systems tend to get worse and more costly over time. Call us for furnace or heat pump repair if you notice any of the following symptoms:
• Heat pump or furnace is making strange noises
• Furnace burner flame is yellow instead of blue
• You or your loved ones have flu-like symptoms

Strange noises from your heating system are almost always a cause for concern, whereas a yellow furnace flame or unexplained flu-like symptoms can signal a dangerous carbon monoxide leak.

Energy-Saving Heating System Installation & Replacement

If your furnace or heat pump is nearing the end of its lifespan, you may want to consider heating replacement sooner rather than later. Our experienced heating contractors can install a new heating system with minimal disruption to your busy lifestyle and without making a mess.

Here are some indications that it might be time for a heater replacement or upgrade:
• Furnace or heat pump needs frequent repairs
• Every month, energy bills are increasing
• House is dry and dusty in winter
• Indoor air temperature does not match the thermostat setting
• Some rooms are too cold while other rooms are too hot
• Furnace is over 15 years old
• Heat pump is over 10 years old
• Furnace or heat pump has not been properly maintained (there is really no excuse with our convenient HVAC Maintenance agreements).

Replacing your existing furnace or heat pump can save you a significant amount of money over time. A new heater with a programmable thermostat, or a zoned system that allows you to heat only the most used rooms can significantly reduce your monthly energy costs. Combined with the savings you will see every month with a new highly efficient furnace or heat pump; a new heater can eventually pay for itself! The heat pumps and furnaces available today are highly evolved systems that generate more heat while consuming less energy. It is not uncommon to see substantial reductions in power bills immediately after an energy-efficient heating replacement by Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning!

Preventive Furnace & Heat Pump Heater Maintenance

Whether your heater is new or aging, it should be inspected and maintained annually, preferably before the cold weather kicks in. Annual heating service will save money on repair bills, minimize costly breakdowns before they happen and ensure your heating system is operating safely. A well-maintained heating system will function more efficiently, consume less energy, cost less to operate and have a longer lifespan!