Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs an Inspection in Peccole Ranch, NV; Loud Noises, Leaks & More

Replacing an air conditioner can be very expensive and often it could have been avoided. There are a number of signs that there is an issue developing or occurring in your air conditioner. If it was simply inspected and repaired, you could have avoided the expense of replacing the entire unit. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share some common signs that there is a problem with your air conditioner and when to have it inspected. It’s much cheaper to repair the air conditioner versus replacing one.

Signs Your AC is Going Out & You Need an Inspection

Noises – Often an air conditioners will make clanking, rattling, and/or squeaking noises. These noises aren’t normal nor are they good when they occur. An experienced HVAC technician will know what each noise an air conditioner might make and when it happens, what the problem may be. For example, a rattling noise is a strong indicator that there are some loose components that need to be tightened. Not only is there a danger of a loose component becoming damaged, but if a part or even a small screw gets loose and falls, it can get stuck in the moving part of the air conditioner and cause even more serious damages. When you hear a squeaking sound, especially when the air conditioner kicks on, most likely the belt is worn down and needs to be replaced. If you’re hearing a scraping noise, where is sounds as if two metal pieces are rubbing together, often a pipe has gotten loose and is hitting the fan or there is a misalignment problem within the air conditioner. Regardless as to what noise you may be hearing, in most case it is bad news. Never ignore any loud or odd noises coming from your air conditioner.
Leaks – It is normal for an air conditioner to build up condensation which drips into the condensate pan and follows out a drain. As long as the dripping or leaking is coming from the drain lines, that is normal. However, if there is leaking coming from the air duct, or off of or around the air conditioner unit, this could be a problem. Leaking usually indicates a few problems. Perhaps there is a clog in the condensate pan or within the drain. The air ducts could be developing condensation which usually occur when the evaporator coils are dirty or clogged. Another major issue is if you’re leaking coolant which is essential to keep the home and the air conditioner cooled. If you have major leaking and it’s not coming out of the condensate drain, contact a HVAC technician to inspect your air conditioner.
Not Cooling – If your air conditioner appears to be running and not cooling down the home this is another indicator that there is a problem. Typically, if you ran out of coolant due to a leak the air conditioner will blow warm air. If air isn’t coming from the air vent at all, then the blower is probably broken. In both cases you may notice your air conditioner continually running. Before your utility triples, get your air conditioner inspected and have the problem repaired.

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Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning hopes you will listen to your air conditioner’s warnings and if you detect a problem, contact us right away. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning can manage, repair, inspect and even repair your air conditioner this summer.