How Often Does A Central Air Conditioner Need an Inspection, Tune Up & Preventive Maintenance Service in Las Vegas, NV?

Your HVAC unit works hard every day during the heat of summer and the cold of winter. As your unit operates, it accumulates dust and other debris in areas that can affect how efficiently the unit operates, including the air filters and the condensing coils. Left to its own devices, your Air conditioning unit can lose 5% or more of its operating efficiency each passing year. As the buildup of dust and dirt accumulates, your unit can’t keep up and won’t be able to cool or heat your home as efficiently as if the system were clean. The knowledgeable experts at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning offer comprehensive and cost effective maintenance service contracts to keep your HVAC system working in top-notch condition year round. One of the advantages of a maintenance service agreement is preferred repair service scheduling should you experience a problem during the peak summer or fall season.

To Ensure Optimal Performance, Your HVAC Unit Should Be Professionally Inspected & Serviced Twice Per Year

A regular inspection and tune up of your HVAC unit will literally pay for its self in terms of energy efficiency. Not only will you save on your monthly utility bills but you will also save on the cost of prematurely replacing your current air conditioning unit. A comprehensive maintenance check performed by your licensed Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning expert can reduce your monthly energy expenses by as much as 15% and help prevent future breakdowns.

Air Conditioning & HVAC Inspection

Replacing your air conditioner can cost you thousands of dollars and even small repairs can cost several hundred dollars. Our qualified and experienced technicians can find and repair problems with your unit through regular inspections, problems that if left undetected can become much larger and much more expensive issues to repair.
An air conditioning maintenance inspection includes a complete inspection of the motor, coils, drain line, blower, return and supply lines, operating pressures and temperatures, connections and refrigerant levels. At Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning, our HVAC technicians are licensed and insured to perform any necessary repairs on your unit. Most air conditioning units have a life span of 15 years with a regular maintenance program. And many HVAC manufacturers require regular professional maintenance to fulfill the warranty conditions. Regular maintenance is recommended twice per year by your Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning professional.

Professional Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning HVAC Maintenance Service Contract Checklist

• Checking for the correct amount of refrigerant levels
• Testing for refrigerant leaks
• Containing any refrigerant that needs to be removed for your proper disposal
• Checking for seal duct leaks in your central air system
• Measurng air flow through the evaporator coils
• Confirming the correct electric control sequence to ensure that the heating and cooling system cannot operate at the same time
• Inspecting the electrical terminals, cleaning and tightening the connections and applying a non-conductive coating to any necessary components.
• Oiling the motors and checking the belts for general wear & tear
• Checking and confirming the accuracy of the thermostat

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