How Can I Make My Natural Gas Furnace Unit More Energy Efficient in Henderson, NV?

For those that use natural gas and have a gas furnace, you most likely noticed an increase on your gas bill. Often when your gas bill increases dramatically, it is due to a problem within your major gas appliances such as your furnace. However, this may not be the case. Natural gas prices have increased and in some places they have doubled. Due to inflation, the cost of installing pipelines have increased which means your gas has now gone up. There is little you can do about the increased gas prices. However, you can help with your gas bill by making your furnace run as efficiently as possible. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share a few ways you can help reduce your gas bill this winter.

Furnace Tune-Up Maintenance

Let’s start with the most effective way to reduce your gas usage from your furnace, and that is with a furnace tune-up. If you haven’t had your furnace tuned-up yet, it is not too late. It is often recommended that you have your furnace tuned-up in early fall. A tune-up helps prepare the furnace for the stress of the winter season. However, if you didn’t have your furnace tuned-up yet, you still can have it tuned-up. A furnace tune-up involves cleaning and removing all of the dirt and debris that entered the system. The moving components are cleaned and then lubricated to make sure the components move with ease. Other parts are checked and if needed, replaced to ensure the furnace runs smoothly. By tuning the furnace, it will run as effectively as possible.

Replace an Old Furnace

Another way you can improve your gas efficiency is by replacing an old furnace. If your furnace is 15 years old or older, it may be time to replace your furnace. Older furnaces are not designed nearly as efficient as modern models. Gas and energy efficiency has been the focus for furnaces and air conditioners. If you have an older furnace it most likely is not gas efficient and is costing you more money. If it is an option, you should consider replacing an old furnace.

Basic Heating Efficiency Tips

To ensure your furnace is running as efficiently as possible, you should maintain clean air filters. By keeping the air filter clean, it helps to promote good air flow and reduce stress on the furnace. Additionally, make sure the air vents are all fully open. You will want to promote good air flow throughout the HVAC system, that includes having clean air ducts. Along with having good air flow you will want to check your thermostat settings and having a stable and comfortable temperature. To help save on gas, you will want to find the lowest temperature that you find comfortable. The warmer you keep the inside of your home, the more gas your furnace will used. Each person’s comfort levels will vary. However, you should find your lowest comfort level to help save gas.

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