How are HVAC Systems Installed Incorrectly in The Lakes, NV? Common Problems with Contractor Grade Units?

It can be an exciting time when the home you have been dreaming of is finally built and you get to move in. What isn’t as enjoyable are the problems that can pop up throughout the first year that you live in the home. It is common for these issues to come up, as frustrating as it may be. One area of the home that could potentially run into some problems is the HVAC system. There are a few different problems that can come from a number of different factors. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to talk about some of the most common problems and how you can avoid them.

How is AC Not Installed Properly?

The number one issue that comes from HVAC trouble with newly built homes is improper installation. The HVAC system is more than likely installed by a subcontractor that your general contractor has hired to do it. The more people there are working on your home, the more room for error there will be. Sometimes, subcontractors work with people that aren’t licensed and are only working under them during a training period as well. This is another way that problems can occur. Here are some of the most common problems that occur from improper installation.
– Rust on Plenum: A common problem is rust on the plenum. This is the box that distributes the cool air throughout the ductwork in the home. Rust in this area means that there is a humidity problem, and the unit isn’t working properly.
– AC Drainage Issues: If the unit isn’t installed properly and isn’t level, it will cause the drainage to get thrown off. This can cause humidity issues as well as some flooding around the unit.
– Covered AC Registers: Sometimes during construction, the registers are covered with sheetrock and contractors forget to cut out the opening. This can cause airflow issues.

Problems with Contractor / Builders Grade Unit

It isn’t uncommon for lesser materials to be used when a contractor is hurrying to get a job done. When a contractor grade HVAC system is installed, it means that the unit is more than likely not going to be the highest quality. This can mean that you won’t have a unit that is as efficient as it could, or even should, be. Before the HVAC system is installed in the home, talk with your contractor so you could get a potential upgrade on the unit they are putting in the home. This is a customization that is worth the money as you will have it for the next 10-20 years.

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