Fun Air Conditioner Facts in Aliante, NV; Air Conditioning Contributed to Science & More

Air conditioners are thought of as viable assets living in the Vegas desert. Everyone knows that air conditioners are there to help keep the indoor air cool by removing the heat from their air and expelling it outdoors. Most know that it helps control humidity levels as well. But there are quite a few fun facts that people may or may not know that we at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share today.

Air Conditioner History Facts & HVAC Trivia

Cooling ice power. The first output setting was measured in ice power, which indicated how much cooling was produced with how many blocks of ice it would need to do the same when air conditioner united were first introduced.
Air Conditioners were not initially invented for people. In 1902, the A/C was not invented to cool people down by Willis Carrier but designed to reduce the humidity during hot weather to prevent the ink from sticking to the paper.
A/C had a hand in ‘Summer Blockbusters’. One of the first establishments to integrate A/C technology were movie theaters. People would have the luxury of cool air to enjoy their films, making summer movies very popular. As a result, Hollywood took note of the rise in attendance and chose to release their biggest features on the summer, creating the popular term still used today ‘summer blockbuster’.
Architecture originally was designed to help cool. To achieve cooler air flow in homes before air conditioning, they were built with high ceilings, breezeways and other features.
Air conditioning contributed to science. Some medications and procedures would not have been possible without consistently cool environment. Medical research was furthered helped with air conditioning.
We rely on AC. According to scientific studies, human tolerance for heat has significantly decreased when compared to before the invention of the A/C system.
As Africa uses power, U.S uses as much AC. The amount of power used for the entire country in Africa is the equivalent to the amount of energy to power air conditioners in the United States every year.
Summer vacation was scheduled before invention of air conditioners. Because it was too hot for students to focus on learning without the invention of the A/C, the summer vacation for the school year was implemented and the tradition stuck for the most part.
Without air conditioning, Las Vegas would be somewhere else! It likely would have been located in the northeast part of the country. Due to the high heat the city and surrounding states experience, particularly in the summer, experts predict that without the air conditioning invention, Las Vegas would likely be in a northeastern part of America. In fact, Arizona, Nevada and other southern states did not have a spike in population until after A/C was invented.
Driving with air conditioning. Though it is a standard feature, the first vehicle that was made by Packard in the late 1930s was the first to be equipped with air conditioning.
The Oval Office with air conditioning. Right after the stock market crash and at the beginning of the Great Depression, the Oval Office in the United States installed air conditioning in 1929, with the system costing $30,000 to install where Herbert Hoover was the first president to experience it.
The first home fully air conditioned. Built in Minneapolis in 1913, the first person to have a home that was fully air conditioned was the heir to the barbed wire fortune, Charles Gates. However, he had an untimely death unfortunately, on a hunting trip before the home was completed and did not get to experience it.

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These were just a few fun facts concerning air conditioning. When you need A/C replacement, installation, repair, or maintenance services in the Las Vegas Valley, call Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning and let experts serve you with high-quality work.