Do I Need To Have My Las Vegas NV AC Unit Recharged With Freon Refrigerant if My Home is Cooling Down Slowly, Air From Vent is Warm or Ice on the Coils?

If you have started to click on your air conditioning unit only to find that it is not cooling like it has in the past you may need to have your unit recharged. This time of year is when most calls come in about AC units that are not running properly and need to have some type of a/c repair or air conditioning maintenance done to it. If you are hoping to keep your energy consumption down and your cost low you want to be sure that your unit is working efficiently. This has a lot to do with the charge of the unit. The unit uses what is called refrigerant that is run through the lines to cool the air that is then circulated through your home. Refrigerant is a liquid that is in the coils of the system and assist in cooling and dehumidifying the house.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning lists signs that your air conditioning unit needs to be charged with freon refrigerant

Your Home Is Cooling Down Very Slow: If you go to your thermostat and set the temperature for a degree that you deem is appropriate for you and your family, you expect the house to get to that temperature. When it doesn’t happen in a timely manner you may become irritated but there is a reason that is has slowed down so slowly. The refrigerant helps to absorb the heat in the home and when the unit is low on refrigerant it will not work like it should.
The Air From The Vent Is Warm: If you are hoping to cool the house down the last thing you want to feel coming from the vent is warm air. When the refrigerant is low the air that is coming out will not be able to come out as cool as you want it and that means that the system will take longer to get to the desired temperature.
There Is Ice On The Coils: If you go look outside at the unit itself you will be able to see a fan that is usually turning. There is also a line that runs in the system and is usually copper and that is the refrigerant line. If you can see that line and notice that there is some ice buildup on it you may be low on refrigerant.

The great thing about refrigerant is that often times it is part of the air conditioning maintenance and tune up when you call out a professional air conditioning company like Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning!

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning offers refrigerant charging and full service AC tune ups in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas & Henderson Nevada.