Air Conditioner Compressor Types to Remove Hot Vapor Refrigerant Caused by the Evaporator in Summerlin, NV; Reciprocating, Scroll, Screw, Rotary & Centrifugal

Your air conditioner unit uses air compressors to help remove the hot vapor refrigerant caused by the evaporator. In other words, the compressor is designed to compress and remove the hot air within your air conditioning unit to prevent overheating and eventual failure of your entire air conditioning unit. There are two classes of air compressors. One is an external drive compressor and the other, a hermetic compressor. However there are five major types of compressors within the two classes that are used to help cool your air conditioning unit. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will cover the five types of air compressors used in air conditioners.

Reciprocating Compressor

A reciprocating compressor uses pistons which drives the refrigerant within the crankshaft using a back and forth motion. The pistons are activated with an electric motor. The compressor uses its pistons to create a suction where it pulls the hot vapor inside the compressor and sends the hot air into the condenser which then breaks down the hot vapor and reclaims it into refrigerant. Some reciprocating compressors can have anywhere from one to eight cylinders which will be determined by the side of your unit and your home in most cases.

Scroll Compressor

The scroll compressor received its name for the scroll shape rotator in the center of the compressor. There are actually two scrolls within the compressor; one scroll remains stationary while the second scroll turns or orbits around the inside or center scroll. This yet again creates a suction effect which pulls or draws in the hot vapor within your air conditioning unit to the condenser. This step is important because it helps recycle your coolant or refrigerant and also keeps the unit cool. Some prefer the scroll compressor due to fewer moving parts which results in less failures and it runs smoother and quieter.

Screw Compressor

A screw compressor uses two helical rotors where it draws in the hot vapor and traps the gas with the cylinder of the compressor. The two rotors are called the male and the female rotor which are built with the cylinder of the compressor. The male rotates and sucks in the vapor pushing through the female end which directs it into the condenser. Again this help to keep the air conditioning unit cool and recycles the refrigerant.

Rotary Compressor

There are actually two types of rotary compressors. One type uses a blade or vanes that rotate with the use of a shaft in the center of the compressor to suck in the hot vapor. The other type of rotary compressor uses a blade but this blade is stationary and is actually part of the housing of the compressor and the entire outside of the cylinder rotates to create suction.

Centrifugal Compressor

A centrifugal compressor is one of the more complicated types of compressor. This type of compressor is used for much larger air conditioning units. This compressor creates a vacuum effect sucking the hot vapor in a circular motion known as centrifugal force which gives this type of compressor its name. There is an impeller which is a disk with many blades that spins to create any velocity to suck in the hot vapor. Of course once there is enough pressure built up it is then sent through the condenser system to recycle the coolant.

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Compressors play a vital role in your air conditioning unit. It helps cycle the refrigerant and keeps your motor within your air conditioning unit cool which leads to cool air all summer long. If your air conditioner seems not to be cooling your home it could be due to a broken air compressor. Contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today and we will inspect and repair your air conditioning unit, keeping you cool during the hot summer months ahead.