AC Condenser Problems in Peccole Ranch, NV; Bad Run Capacitor, Leaking Air Conditioner & More

Absorbing the heat in your home and releasing the heat into the outdoors is a major part of the function of the HVAC system. The part of your system that’s responsible for releasing the heat is your outside condenser unit. When the refrigerant liquid is transformed into the gas, the heat is absorbed. In order to cool your home, this is the basic function of how the air conditioner operates. Liquid refrigerant absorbs the heat in your home via the evaporator. To feel the coolness of the heat, it is quickly released outside since the refrigerant turns into a gas once the heat is absorbed. The common problems of the air conditioner condenser unit is what we at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to further discuss today.

Dirty AC Condenser

Because most residential air conditioner components are mounted outdoors, it is not surprising for the condenser or other parts to get dirty. In addition to the dirt and debris the outdoor components attract, the system is prevented it to work properly from the brush, grass, and other vegetation matter grow around the system. You should try to for 3 feet of clearance and keep the area cleaned surrounding the outdoor unit.

Bad AC Run Capacitor

The condenser’s run capacitors provide energy for the fan motors to operate. Should the run capacitor be in bad shape, the motor often will not start. If you think that your run capacitors have gone bad, call your local HVAC technician for proper diagnosis and repair.

Leaking Air Conditioner

Condenser failure can be caused by leaks within seals and faulty tubes. The tubes can get pinched or may suffer from wear and break particularly after extensive usage. Call a licensed professional to resolve leak problems.

AC Condenser Blockage

Your AC unit can get blocked by debris and other unwanted particles over time, which causes condenser failure. Though some these particles could be external, it is oftentimes due to metal particles that punctured the condenser itself. To help, proper maintenance is essential, homeowners can potentially prevent this problem.

Damage to AC Coil

One of the worst AC condenser problems is caused by damaged coils. Impact, corrosion, and debris can be the culprits. To get the problem resolved, a professional can identify the issue and take the steps necessary.

Maintain AC Condenser

Comprising parts of the AC condenser includes tubes, coils, fans, motor and other parts, which can malfunction. In order to keep your condenser running smoothly, having the unit routinely cleaned is one of the easiest ways. Because the part of the unit is outside, debris can easily buildup. Use a water hose to spray down your condenser unit at least once a year. Be sure the unit is clear of clutter and debris as well. To keep the air conditioner running smoothly and efficiently, make sure to schedule professional tune-ups at least once a year as well.

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