Winter Energy Saving Tips; Ways to Conserve Heat in Your Home & Save on Heating Costs in Green Valley Ranch, NV

Las Vegas winters are not necessarily known for being frozen wastelands, but we can get relatively cold and staying warm for the holidays is something on everyone’ mind. To combat the winter blues, getting warm and cozy is the ideal method, especially when you are budgeting holiday expenses with daily living and can’t necessarily indulge in the cost of pushing up the thermostat. There are some energy-saving ideas you can incorporate into keeping warm for the holidays and we at Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning would like to share a few of those ideas.

Ways to Cut Heating Costs this Winter

1) Reverse the Direction of Ceiling Fan. Flip the little black switch on the base of your fan to reverse the direction of the blades to let the fan assist in the warmth. An updraft is creating that will help move the warm air near the ceiling down to the living spaces below all by setting the ceiling fan to the winter mode. Not only will it contribute to warming the space, but by circulating the air, it adds to the improvement of the indoor air quality.
2) Bundle Up. Keep warm by wearing warmer lounge clothes at home complete with the warm fuzzy socks and slippers. Ladies can wear their favorite leggings under clothing and indulge in beanies, gloves, earmuffs, and warm coats when braving the outdoors. Instead of cranking the thermostat, try putting on more layers first. Blankets are another option to cuddle with as you get warm and cozy with your favorite movie or TV show.
3) Hot Food, Drinks & Baths. Using the oven and stove will inevitably warm the space.
Making your favorite holiday baked goodies can not only warm your home but also give you the opportunity to enjoy some of your favorite holiday desserts. Hot cocoa, coffee, teas, and ciders will also warm the body. After cooking, leave the oven door open to fill the area with warm air, providing safety first.
4) Bedside Rugs. Stepping out of the comfort and warmth of the covers can be quite shocking when your foot hits the icy floor. Avoid the discomfort and place a soft bedside rug on the cold floors. Not only can strategically placed rugs to the sock drawer keep you warm, but it can balance the aesthetics of your room.
5) Block Drafts. Look for any drafty locations throughout the home. Weather stripping around the doors and windows can block the drafts from that point and some caulk along any holes, gaps, and cracks in the structure. Not only will you preserve more heat inside your home but you will notice a savings in energy costs and indoor air quality.
6) Capitalize on Sunlight. You can use sunlight, insulation/ventilation, trees and orientation to increase heating or cooling for your indoor spaces; passive heating and cooling is the term for this method. Maximize your home’s energy and take advantage of the sun and trees around your home.
7) Keep Active. Activity, from minor to massive can keep you toasty. Playing video games, board games, to stretching, weight training, and cardio training will keep you drive. Don’t forget to utilize fireplaces, space heaters, heating blankets, blankets and clothes fresh from the dryer and other methods to keep warm.

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