Why Should I have My Furnace Checked Now in Las Vegas, NV? Be Ready for Next Winter

Scheduling a furnace inspection now is in your better interest for many reasons. Where most know that living the Las Vegas desert means that we will only need heat for several weeks, many do not want to shell out cash for maintenance. However, as the season winds down, now is the perfect time to schedule a furnace inspection services. We at Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share why you should invest in an inspection service.

Catch Furnace Repair Needs Early

When the temperatures outside are frigid is the worst time to find out that your furnace. Your furnace will eventually reach the end of its lifespan as they can last between 16-30 years. If the system must be off for a short period, end-of-summer furnace checkups are ideal because you can get by without the heat. You won’t be uncomfortable for a long period; the furnace technician won’t have to turn on the heat for super long periods to test or repair your system. You may have to wait in a long line for heating system help when the furnace breaks down in winter if you put off having your furnace inspected.

HVAC Parts Can be Difficult to Obtain

Depending on the appliance’s age and model number, your heating and cooling specialists can source most parts for your furnace. Some parts may be specialty components that aren’t available right away. The parts could be internationally ordered or even backordered. Finding out you need a part can ensure you have it for sure by next season.

Discover Heating Fire Hazards

Fires can be caused by a number of furnace conditions. When you have an inspection done, they can catch any potential hazards, and whether or not any are found, you have peace of mind that your heating system isn’t a risk to your family or property. Common potential fire risks during furnace inspections such as:
– Fan motors are unlubricated.
– Pest and wildlife nests in or near the furnace.
– Gas line or joint leaks.
– Flammable debris in and around furnace.
– Faulty pilot light.
– Wires that are exposed or disconnected.
In addition to being fire hazards, leaking gas lines and faulty pilot lights can cause deadly carbon monoxide buildup inside your home as well as.

Maintain Heating Efficiency

Heating systems will last longer with more efficient performance when it is properly maintained and cared for. There are some issues that are initially discreet, and you do not realize them until the domino affect goes through. A fan motor or electrical issues might be to blame of reduced performance. Often during the inspection process, the technician will:
– Tighten loose connections
– Lube moving parts
– Assess voltage and current of motors
– Inspect and calibrate the thermostat

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Your gas, oil, or other furnace are often inspected further. There could possibly be corrosion or other deposits on burners and supply lines. Heat exchangers may have cracks. Ultimately, ensuring your furnace is healthy at the end of the colder season is in your better interest. For inspections, repairs, maintenance, installations, and replacement service in Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas, call Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning for quality services.