Why it is Bad to have an Oversized Furnace in Henderson, NV; Uneven Heat, Short Cycling & More

Bigger is always better, right? When it comes to furnaces bigger is not always better. Having an oversized furnace can cause more problems than a regular-sized furnace. Today Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will go over what some of those problems are and what you may have encountered if you have an oversized furnace.

Uneven Heat

It is a very common problem for your furnace to distribute heat throughout your house unevenly. Even a furnace that is a perfect size for your house can have this problem. But when you have a furnace that is too large for your house then this problem will become more drastic and way more noticeable. You will have rooms that heat up really fast and get hot and rooms that do not heat up very well and are too cold for the winter.

Inefficient Heating

When you have an oversized furnace, it is not as efficient as one that would fit your home. It is heating up your house so fast that it does not have time to reach its peak efficiency. Meaning, it starts heating your house, and your thermostat hits the temperature it is set to, so your furnace will shut off. Because it heated up so fast the furnace did not reach the level it needs to be at to make your furnace efficient. Just because it heats up your home fast does not make it efficient.

Shortened Furnace Life & Premature Replacement

If you have an oversized furnace, be prepared that it will not last as long as one that fits your home. When you have an oversized unit, it will turn on and off more frequently than one that is a perfect fit. If it is working more often than it is getting that wear and tear on it faster and it can start to break down. The heat exchanger will start to wear out and you will start needing more repairs on your furnace. Plus, there is more likelihood that your furnace could overheat and damage other parts, causing you to need to get a new furnace.

Short Cycling Furnace

With a furnace, you can get what is called short cycling. This means that your furnace will shut off before your house reaches the proper temperature. When you have an oversized furnace, this can happen more often. The reason this happens is that your furnace gets more heat that builds up than it can use. Eventually, it starts to get into dangerous temperatures and the safety sensor will click on and shut the furnace down. When this happens, your home does not reach the temperature you set it to and your home will not stay warm.

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