Why is the Air in One of My Rooms Hotter or Colder than the Others in My Summerlin, NV House

When you come home from a hot day outside all you want to do is cool off. That is an easily achievable goal when you have a good working HVAC system. The system is set either on a time or just a temperature so when you arrive home you can be in your cool house. The system should cool the house down and stay that way unless you set the thermostat to something else. It also might change if the unit is damaged and stops working. If you are in your home and all seems well except that one pesky room just won’t cool off you may have a problem. If you have a room that is hot when the rest of the house is cool or vice versa then you may need to check on a few things. The damage can be repaired as long as you know what the culprit is.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Lists Reasons You Have a Room that is Colder or Hotter than the Rest

Leaking Air Ducts: One of the reasons that you might have a problem with one of the rooms in your home getting to temperature is the air ducts are leaking. The air duct is the series of channels that the cooled or heated air is sent from the unit to each room on your home. If any part of the air duct is damaged the air that would normally go that course will not be able to. This leak allow the cooled air to escape into the attic space and not in the room in question. You will need to have the air duct inspected and repaired by a professional to fix the air imbalance.
Is Damper Closed?: The air conditioning unit has several working parts that need to all be in good working condition in order for the home to be cooled. Aside from the air ducts and the unit there is a register in each room. These registers are like a metal grate that allows the air to be spread around the room. If you look closely at these registers there is a damper that is along the side of the bottom. This is a lever that allows you to adjust the amount of air that is released in that room. Some people choose to lower the damper in a new born baby’s room to keep it a little warmer. Occasionally these dampers can be closed without your knowledge. If they are closed, the room will not be getting the same amount of air as the rest of the house. You can simply make the adjustment and see if that fixes your problem.

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There are other reasons that the rooms in your home are not balanced with the temperatures. If you are concerned about it and you have checked the simple fixes you need to call an HVAC company. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning can come do an inspection on the system and make the necessary repairs as well as discuss your options.