Why is One Room So Hot Compared to the Rest of My Eldorado, NV House & How to Fix It?

Many homeowners experience this same scenario; one room is significantly warmer than the rest of the house and in attempt to rectify the problem, they bump the thermostat down, only to make the rest of the house uncomfortably cold, with no change in the warmer room, and an increased energy bill. This problem is actually the cause of a few sources and we at Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning would like to share why the room is uncomfortable in comparison to the rest of the home.

Why is One Room Hotter than the Rest?

Having a room that is warmer than the rest of the home is caused by one of two things, or a combination of the two. The first, too much heat is being leaked into the room and the second is the air conditioner is not removing the heat from the air adequately. The solution is to ensure the sources of any warm leaks are sealed and if the air conditioner is not doing its job to remove the heat from the air, the required repairs are made to remedy the problem.

Common Sources of Heat Leaks & Loss in Homes

More often than not, a room that consistently feels warmer than the rest of the home is especially subject to leaks of warm flooding in. Check these common sources of leaks to get the leaks sealed sufficiently.
1) Old or damaged windows. Energy loss from windows contributes to 10%-25% of your heating and cooling bills according to experts. To reduce how much heat can pass through your windows, consider upgrading to double-pane windows with a Low-E coating. By adding a layer of insulation between the 2 panes of glass, the double-pane windows improve your home’s efficiency. In a manner of speaking, the low-E coatings are a sort of radiant barrier, that help reduce heat transfer through the air. Additionally, any damaged windows should be replaced and if you can feel a breeze or see daylight through a closed window, it needs a weather stripping replacement.
2) Poor insulation. Heat can be allowed to leak in if the walls and/or ceiling do not enough insulation. If you are able, check above the warm room and asses the insulation. The room can be hotter if the insulation is uneven. Different climates require different insulation ratings; for example, Las Vegas should have a rating of R38 in their attic.
3) West facing walls. Warmth can soak into room because walls facing the west soak up the heat from the beating sun. If there are also windows on the west facing wall, it can really make it even more warm. To rectify the issue, consider planting some shade trees in front of the west side of your home; not too close as you do not want the trees to destroy the foundation or structure of the home as they continue to grow. Another solution can be to install a covered patio or awning that can help shade that side up.
4) Heat generating appliances. Some appliances, such as mini-fridge for example, can cause additional heat to leak into the room that makes the room feel a little room than the rest of the home.

Cooling System Troubleshooting

If the cooling system is causing or contributing to the problem, it is likely due to one of these common issues listed below.
Faulty ductwork: the ductwork that feeds into the room could be damaged, leaking, or disconnected, causing the room to feel warm as the cool air is not being dispersed into the room. Uninsulated ducts can also be making the air lose the coolness by the time it reaches the room as well. The design of the ducts might be poorly conceived and executed as well, preventing not enough or no cool air from getting to the warm room.
Wrong size air conditioner: Air conditioners are not a one size fits all. There is a formula that will ensure the properly sized unit fits the square footage home. Generally, an A/C unit too large prevents the cool air from distributing evenly through the home.

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If you are having trouble pinpointing why a room is always warmer than the rest of the rest home, call Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning and our specialists will come and inspect your cooling system to determine the source and present optimal solutions. Contact us today!