Why is One Room in My Enterprise, NV House is Hotter or Colder than the Rest & How to Fix

Do you have one room that varies from the temperature of the rest of the home? You know that room that stays too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.? If the room is south or southwest facing it gets a lot of sun. The thing about windows is that glass is transparent to visible light, but opaque to infrared light. When the light enters a room through the window and strikes carpet and furniture, the visible light is converted to infrared light, which has a high heat component. This is how sunlight heats a room.
You can add UV light and tint to a window that will moderate the flow of visible light, but once inside it will convert to heat. The vent from your A/C that services that room may very well be adequate for air delivery, but that air needs to circulate back outside the room to the A/C return for recycling. To increase circulation many just trim some additional stock off the door bottoms. But this lets in noise from the house. Another inefficient method is to circulate cool air. Cool air is heavier than warm air. As the register admits air from the A/C it settles in the room. As it warms it rises. Cutting off the door bottoms means your circulating the already cool air out of the doorway. You tend to trap the rising warm air in the room and this is not circulated efficiently, heating the room. So, what to do?

Add an Insulated Return Air Duct

The most effective way is to add a return duct and register to the room. This way the return is pulling the warmer air from the ceiling area for recirculation. The only caveat is that there is adequate separation from the inlet registers to the return register to ensure proper air circulation. Adding a return in the room is probably the most cost-effective way to adequately cool the problem room. Air delivery duct work needs to be insulated. Some skimp on the returns but remember this. Most A/C duct work is in the attic. Temperatures in that attic can reach a hot 140 degrees Fahrenheit in the summers. If the return is not insulated the air in the return is heated, and thus works cross purpose with the A/C. The recirculation of the air in the modern A/C or heat pump system is so that the A/C can work less at cooling if the return air is still at a lower temperature compared to the ambient outside temperature. Heating the return air does not allow for an efficient recirculation of the air. The makes the A/C or heat pump to work harder affecting the service life of the unit. It also tends to elevate the cost of power reflected in your power bill.

Air Duct Cleaning & Sealing

Sealed, insulated and clean ducts allow for efficient operation of the system. But what about the next dilemma. The EPA estimates that the lowest quality air in the home is just inside the front door. Also, this air quality is substantially below that of the outside air. Suggested minimum standards state that an enclosure should recirculate all the air inside at the rate of 4 times per hour. That means all the air in your home should recirculated the inside air and replace it with fresh outside air 4 times in an hour.

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Four times replacement is the minimum standard, it should circulate more if possible. If doors and windows are sealed, then the air cannot be replaced. A conundrum for sure. Air Supply Air Conditioning & Heating can assist you in air duct cleaning, sealing and other quality HVAC related services. Contact us to schedule you next appointment today!