Why is One Room Colder or Hotter than the Others in Summer or Winter in My Green Valley Ranch, NV House?

Is one room in your home hotter than the others? Does it feel like you’re walking form an igloo into a sauna from one room to the next? This uncomfortable situation can be caused by one of or a combination of two things: too much heat is leaking into that room or the AC isn’t removing the heat properly. There are several reasons this might be happening, and they’re related to your air conditioner and can cause temperatures to be uneven throughout your home. Simple fixes can be changing a dirty air filter because a dirty air filter can restrict airflow and prevent cool air from getting to a room. Make sure vents to the room are open to let cool air in. Make sure the window isn’t open. Even a crack can cause cool air to escape and cause the room to feel warmer.

Why is One Room in My House So Hot or Cold at Night?

1. Air ducts that are clogged. The air conditioning system in your home sends air through a complex system of ductwork and vents before it reaches you. These ducts can become clogged with dust and debris. When a clog occurs in your ductwork, it will impact the air flow to one area of your home. When a clog occurs at the entrance to one room, the air can be sent elsewhere and cause the uneven temperatures. This is a job for professionals because the ductwork can be fragile and hard to get to. You run the risk of damaging it when you try to do it yourself.
2. Inadequate insulation. When the insulation isn’t all that great, it can cause cool air to go out and warm air to come in. There might be a wall in your home that has poor insulation causing that room to feel hotter. More insulation means more even temperatures.
3. Insufficient return air vents. Your air conditioner has two jobs, to blow cool air into your home and pull hot air out. The hot air is pulled out through return air vents. When a home doesn’t have enough of these vents, your air conditioning system can’t pull the warm air out from all the rooms in your home. Contact a professional AC company to have more return air vents installed to have more warm air pulled out.
4. Home layout. The layout of your home can be another reason you have a room warmer than the rest. Rooms that have more windows are harder to keep cool. Two-story homes can have temperature differences in each floor. The solution here would be to have a ductless AC unit installed to assist the existing system in your home.

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Contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning if your home is experiencing uneven temperatures. We can inspect the ductwork of your system to determine if a clog is causing the problem. We can take care of it and figure out if it’s happening for another reason. Call us today to schedule an appointment.