Why is My Las Vegas, NV Air Conditioning Unit Leaking Freon? Leak Detection, Causes & Emergency AC Repairs

Being without an air conditioning unit can be most taxing, especially if you live in scorching deserts like Las Vegas for example. Having your air conditioning fully operational is essential, but like anything with moving parts, malfunctions can happen. A very common problem is when the refrigerant, or Freon leaks, rendering your air conditioning unit useless. Where Freon is meant to last basically forever, when your professional informs you that the refrigerant has depleted, it is due to a leak. Air Supply Heating and Air Conditioning would like to relate the causes as to why you may be experiencing a freon leak.

Why Your Air Conditioner May Be Leaking Freon

Volumes of books can be written on to the why your air conditioner has a leak, along with details and such, but we will just look at the common problems and basics concerning the issues.
Poor AC Installation. If you air conditioner is fairly new and has been diagnosed with a leak, poor installation services may be to blame. Where many people do the research in finding the best attributed air conditioning unit, they rarely pay attention to the resume of who is installing the new unit. A more subtle, slow leak, which may not even be noticed for up to five years could be because the installer did not adequately braze the joints. This can left pinhole leaks, very subtly and slowly draining your refrigerant.
Factory Defects. Occasionally, during the manufacturing process, defects can occur where the welding was incomplete or punctures could have been inflicted during packaging or during the shipping process.
Formic Acid. This problem gets worse over time, and can get rather expensive with the frequent Freon refills that are associated with the acid. Formic acid naturally occurs with acid coming from the ground and etches microscopic cracks in the copper coils.
Unintentional Punctures. When air conditioning units get set too close to the home, pipes to close to the home or other structures can be inadvertently damaged and abused in the process of various home improvement projects.

Finding the Source of Your Air Conditioning Freon Leaks

Finding the source of the leak can be a bit of process. Generally utilizing an electronic leak detector device throughout the air conditioning system we are able to find the suspected area of the leak. Once we feel confident the source has been found, we apply a leak detecting mixture which will bubble at the source to pinpoint the leak. In many cases, sealing the leak is efficient and is the easiest fix. If the unit was completely void of Freon, internal and extensive damage may be inflicting your unit.

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