Why is My House So Humid? How to Reduce & Remove Humidity in Your Summerlin, NV Home; Don’t Close the Vents, Do Avoid Baking & More

One of the worst things that you can walk into is a muggy and humid home. If you have never lived in an area that is humid then you don’t know what a toll it can take on you. Even if you live in a dry climate you can still have humidity that can be hard to deal with. The worst is when your home has seem to become humid and feel muggy. Your home needs to have a certain amount of humidity in order for the AC unit to work right. The humidity can help with heating and cooling but too much or too little can cause the unit to not work well. You need to do what you can especially in the summer to keep the level of humidity in your home under control. It can make the home feel uncomfortable and it will not cool down well. There are some things that you can do to help control the humidity in your own home.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Offers a Few Ways You Can Control the Level Of Humidity in Your Home

Don’t Close the Vents in Unused Rooms: Some people think that when you close a room off to the rest of the home you are saving on cooling costs. The problem is that it is just not true. You don’t want to close off a room especially if you are dealing with a room that has water in it. This can be a bathroom or a laundry room. It can cause that room to become very humid when there is no other air being circulated. The best thing you can do is to open all the doors to allow for ventilation to occur in the rooms. The amount of humidity that is given off in these types of rooms can be absorbed and circulated around the home and not cause humidity problems.
Boiling & Baking Causes Humidity: If you are in the depths of summer you still have to feed your family. This is just a fact of life but cooking can cause quite a bit of humidity. When you know that you are up against a very hot day outdoors you should be mindful about what you are using to cook. Stay away from anything that requires you to boil water such as pasta and rice. Also stay away from baking in the oven as this causes humidity. Rather try cooking outdoors on the grill or preparing more salads and sandwiches!
Ceiling Fans Reduce Humidity: Fans are a great option to have in your home even in the winter months. The summer months bring on heat and humidity that need to be controlled. The heat can be controlled by using the AC unit but you still have to deal with some of the humidity. One thing you can do is to use ceiling fans or table fans throughout your house. You can use them to circulate the air and to send the air in your direction. If you are sweating from humidity a fan on your skin can help to evaporate it.

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