Why is My Furnace Leaking Water in North Las Vegas, NV? Blocked Up, Clogged Drain Line & More

The furnace is something you need to have during the cold months. You do not want to have any problems happen to your furnace. Even though there could be several problems that could cause your furnace to not work properly. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will talk about why your furnace could be leaking water.

Furnace is Blocked Up

For a furnace to run properly and not have any water leaks, you do not want any type of blockage within your furnace. If you are having water leaks you could have some type of blockage in the vent pipe, air return, or pipe.
– The vent pipe is to release the combustion of gas from the furnace. It also helps make sure the air pressure is balanced. If this is blocked it can cause a water leak.
– The air return is to bring the cold air from the house into the furnace to get heated up and then sent back as warm air. If the return air duct is blocked then the cold air cannot get to the furnace, which will cause the furnace to have a water leak or even overheat.
– If the pipe, the one that runs to the upstairs, gets blocked by dirt, lint, or debris then this can also cause a blockage which will cause your furnace to leak water.

Furnace Drain Line is Clogged

There are two places in the drain line that could cause your furnace to leak water. The PVC drain line or the drain pan. If either one of these is leaking you should call a professional.
– PVC drain line is how to get rid of water that goes to the furnace and helps it from leaking. But it could get plugged from debris or buildup of sediment. If it gets plugged up then this could cause your drain line to start leaking.
– Your drain pan catches the water that the heat exchanger gives off. If you have a crack in your drain line this can cause your furnace to leak water.

Dirty Air Filters

Air filters are a big part of how your furnace runs. Your air filters collect dust and dirt from getting into your unit. If your air filters are too dirty this will put stress on your furnace making it have to work harder to get you the air you want. This could cause overheating and eventually even leaks in your furnace.

Furnace has Broken Parts

If you have broken pieces on your furnace such as a humidifier or a blower motor this can also cause leaks in your furnace.
– The humidifier is to release water into the air to help raise the humidity level. If you do not take care of your humidifier then this could cause water to leak from your furnace.
– Your motor is supposed to circulate the air throughout your home. If it is not working properly then it will cause condensation to build up and once again your furnace can overheat and start to leak water.

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If you notice you are having problems with your furnace don’t wait any longer give Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning a call to come to check out your furnace and make sure you are not having leaks.