Why is My Furnace Giving Off a Weird Smell in Summerlin, NV & How to Fix a Smelly Heater

When the weather takes a steep turn and winter comes, your furnace is essential in keeping your home comfortable. When it kicks on and you smell something foul coming from the vents, there is usually something wrong that needs to be addressed. Sometimes, these issues are small and easily fixed, and other times, you need to take action quickly as the issue could be disastrous. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to talk about different furnace smells and what they mean.

What is that Smell Coming from My Furnace?

No one wants to smell any bad odors coming from the vents in their home every time the furnace turns on to heat the house. Here are some of the most common furnace smells and what they could potentially mean for your furnace:
– Burning Dust: When you’re turning on your furnace for the time in the season, you might notice that there is a faint smell of burning dust in the air. This is completely normal and usually happens when the furnace is starting up for the first time. There is dust that accumulates on the furnace during the off season and it takes a minute to burn that off. The odor should dissipate after a short time.
– Rotten Eggs / Sulfur: Another common smell is that of rotten eggs or sulfur. This is not something you should ignore. It can be a sign that you have a natural gas leak somewhere in your home and is cause for an emergency. You need to contact emergency personnel to come and take a look. They will be able to find the leak and ensure you’re safety.
– Musty: If you have noticed that there is a musty or a moldy smell when your furnace turns on, it can mean that there has been moisture building up somewhere in your system and mold has started to grow. Mold is an issue because it can cause health issues if you don’t get rid of it.
– Metallic: When there is a metallic odor that is present, it can often mean that there are parts of your furnace that are overheating when operating. It can also mean that there is an electrical problem somewhere in your furnace.
– Diesel: Sometimes, people can smell something that resembles the smell of diesel fuel. This can mean you have an issue with the fuel source or the combustion process in your furnace. You should turn off the furnace as soon as you smell this and have it looked at.

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If you have a foul odor coming from your furnace when it turns on, you can turn to Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning to help you get to the bottom of it. We can help you find the source of the smell and make any necessary repair to ensure you are safe when your furnace is running this winter. Call us today!