Why is My Furnace Giving Off a Burning Odor or Other Weird Smell in Summerlin, NV?

When you rely on your furnace to keep your home warm and comfortable, the last thing you want is bad odors. When running your furnace you do not want to have to suffer because of it. Bad odors are bad enough, but sometimes what causes the odors can make the household ill. When a furnace develops odors it is a problem that requires investigating. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share the different types of odor that can come from a furnace, and what they mean.

Furnace Smells like Burning

When the furnace is running and you notice a burning smell, know that is never a good sign. Most burning odors are due to an electrical burner. As a furnace ages the furnace’s bearing will wear down and not function properly. When the bearings go, the furnace will develop stress and cause heating. The wiring’s insulation at the same time will have degraded. As the wiring heats up due to longer heating cycles, they will cause burning. When you notice a burning smell, it is important to have the furnace checked. The bearing and even the furnace wiring may be due for replacement.

Rotten Egg Smell from Furnace

When your home begins to smell like rotten eggs, you may not think it is your furnace. You may think you have a broken sewer pipe, or perhaps your washing machine isn’t draining. However, the furnace can also produce a rotten egg odor. In fact, the furnace will circulate the odors throughout the entire home. When every room in your house smells like rotten eggs, you will know for sure it is the furnace. When your home smells like rotten eggs, this is a real big problem. That rotten egg odor is the smell of gas leaking throughout the home. If you notice the smell of rotten eggs, turn off your furnace and have the furnace checked by a licensed HVAC technician. They will check the furnace’s start up system and make sure the leak hasn’t occurred within the furnace. If there is a gas leak in the supply line, you may need to contact your gas company or find someone to repair the leak.

Furnace has a Dusty Odor

When your home smells like dust or even smells stale, this occurs when the furnace has accumulated too much dust. Dust will settle inside the furnace and get disturbed when the furnace is running a cycle. The dust can get kicked up and then burn off. Avoiding the smell of burnt dust is simple enough. With yearly maintenance the furnace will be tuned-up and cleaned out, removing all of the dust inside the unit. If you notice a dusty odor, this is due to a lack of maintenance and it is time to have the furnace tuned-up.

Dirty Socks Odor from Furnace

When your furnace is producing a dirty sock smell this is often a sign that there is bacteria building up on the coils. When your furnace makes a dirty sock odor, turn the furnace off until the coil can be properly cleaned. Once the furnace coils are cleaned and the bacteria removed, the odor will be gone.

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