Why is My Forced Air Furnace So Loud Making Humming & Other Noise in Tuscany Village, NV

Is your furnace making a strange noise? Most furnaces are either electrical or gas fueled. Therefore, they don’t make very loud or frequent noises. When your home’s heating system begins to make odd noises it is good to get them checked out, have your heating system inspected and if needed, repaired. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share a few ways you can troubleshoot the reason behind the noises and see if you need to have you heating system repaired.

Furnace Making Loud Humming, Rattling, Rumbling or Other Noise

There are a number of problems that can cause noise. Each problem usually has its own distinct sound which can help make determining the problem easier. An experienced technician can usually determine the problem simply by the sound the furnace is making. Below find likely reasons your unit is making different noises. This will better help you understand the various types of noise a furnace can make and what it usually means.
Loud Squeal: When you hear a loud squealing noise, most people will turn off the heating system in hopes to get the noise to stop. When a furnace makes a squealing or loud screeching noise, it is usually the blower motor going out or is already out. In most cases, the blower motor will need to be replaced. If such a noise occurs, turn the heating unit off until it is repaired or inspected.
Rhythmic Rattling: When you hear a rhythmic or frequent rattling noise of metal vibrating, it usually indicates there are some nuts, bolts or screws that need tightening. Determining what needs to be tightened is easy enough. One just needs to find the source of the rattling. In most cases, a rattling noise is a simple fix. Even so, make sure to have the furnace checked quickly to prevent major complications in the near future.
Whistling: Are you hearing a whistling noise? If so, it’s most likely due to restricted air flow. Start by checking the filters. If they are dirty, they need to be changed. If the whistling continues, then check the vents and register. See if they need to be cleaned or cleared of obstruction. If the whistling continues then there is a problem deeper within the HVAC. A technician can help locate the source of the blockage.
Grinding Rumbling: If you hear a grinding noise, almost like gears are running into each other or metal is banging against something, turn off the furnace. In most cases the grinding noise is due to a broken piece of metal of an internal component, or a screw or blot worked loose and has gotten in the motor or fan. When you hear grinding noises, it is best to keep the unit turned off until it is inspected.
Humming or Buzzing: If you are hearing a humming or buzzing sound it’s in most cases an electrical problem. When it comes to electrical issues, it is best not to get involved due to the dangers. In most cases humming isn’t an immediate threat and you can keep your furnace on. However, to be on the safe side you can turn it off until you get the problem resolved.

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When your home’s heating system is making noises it’s best to resolve the problem quickly. Contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today for all of your HVAC needs.