Why is My Central Air Conditioning Unit Running Constantly All Day & Does Not Shut Off in Henderson, NV

The summer heats up fast and that means the AC unit is going to kick on and run. The problem that many homeowners find is when they finally turn on the AC or after using it for a few months is that is runs constantly. You want your home to feel cool and stay at the temperature that you set the thermostat to. That does not mean that the unit should run nonstop. The unit should be able to run until the home reaches the temperature that you have the unit set for. Then it will shut off while your home sits at the level. Over some time the temperature will drop and that is when the unit will come back on. During the hottest days of the summer the unit may run more often but should not run constantly and without stopping.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning List Reasons Your AC May Run Non Stop & Not Shut Off When Ideal Temperature is Reached

AC Unit is Undersized or Oversized: One of the very most common reasons that an air conditioning unit runs too often or even constantly is the unit is the wrong size. You might be thinking bigger has to be better. That is just not true and you need to have the size that is right for the house that you have. A unit that is too small runs often because it takes longer for the smaller unit to get the home cooled off. This can cause unwanted stress on the unit and cause it to go out too soon. When you have an AC unit that is too large the unit will run and send a lot of air in the home quickly and before it can level out the unit turns off thinking it is done but quickly will come right back on. This constant on and off in a fast manner is also bad for your unit as well.
What Happens if You Don’t Change Air Filter in House?: This seems like too easy of a fix but it is an extremely common reason to have an AC unit that runs constantly. If you think about it the air is being filtered through the return air and sent through the ductwork and back in the house. If the air has no clear path because of a filthy filter the unit will just keep running waiting for the right amount of air needed to cool the house.
Clogged AC Condenser Coils: The coils that are used to help cool the air that is then sent in the home. The coils are a necessary part of the unit and if they are restricted in any way the air cannot be cooled. The coils are outdoors and can occasionally be covered with dirt. This dirt needs to be removed so the air can be cooled appropriately.

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