Why is My Central Air Conditioner Not Cooling My Tuscany Village, NV House? Frozen AC Coils & More

The warm air outside starts to cool off at the end of the summer. Even with the temps coming down in the Las Vegas Valley, many times the need for the air conditioner unit is still necessary. It may be just warm enough that the house may feel a bit too warm. If you are starting to notice that the air conditioning unit is just not doing the job that it used to there may be a problem. One of the issues that people come across happens to be that the air conditioner is no longer cooling the house down. The air coming from the unit may feel warm or at least not cool at all. You want to make sure that you know what could be causing the air not to be cooled properly. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning outlines what could cause your AC unit from cooling the house down.

Partially Frozen AZ Coils

One of the reasons that an air conditioner might no longer be cooling your home down is that the coils are frozen over. It may seem unlikely that the coils could freeze when the temperatures are so warm but it happens. The coils can start to freeze and that will not allow the air to be cooled and replace the hot air in the house. The coils are a major part of the cooling process and if they are frozen they are not moving the Freon and the air. You want to make sure that you have your coils checked to see if they are frozen. You will need to have your AC unit repaired if your unit has coils that are freezing over.

Thermostat Not Working

There are times that a thermostat is the actual cause of some of the issues with cooling your home down. The thermostat can go out and stop working and need to be replaced over some time. This is something that a professional HVAC technician can check and replace for you. The other problem can be the way that you have your thermostat set. If you do not have the fan and the setting on properly you could be noticing that tour home is not cooling properly.

Blocked & Clogged Air Conditioner Fins

The air conditioner unit has several parts that need to be able to do their part. One part of the unit is outdoors and is covered with a condenser casing. This is the main part of what you see when you go out and look at your unit. The casing usually is made up of vent like material or fins that are allowing air to move freely through and around the area. The hot air has to be able to escape and that is why these fins and covers need to be in good shape. The problem that most people have is that the fins are being blocked by debris. You can have your unit inspected and tuned up which will include the removal of dirt and debris from the blocked fins and casing.

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