Why is My Central Air Conditioner Leaking Water in Desert Shores, NV? Frozen AC Coils & More

Have you ever been using your air conditioner and realize there is water that is coming from the unit. People might be confused to see water coming from your ac unit since there is not a water line going to the unit. IF your washing machine had a water leak or your dishwasher you would not have the same reaction. The air conditioning unit doesn’t have water but that does not mean that there could not be water dripping from the unit. It is a good idea to know what could be causing the water dripping from the unit and what you need to do to control it and make any necessary repairs.

Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning Offers Tips to Troubleshoot & Solve an Air Conditioner Water Leak

Air Conditioner Condensation: When you are running your air conditioning unit it is taking the air that is in the house that is hot and pulling the heat out. Then cold air is created and that will create what is then needed to push through the house. The interesting thing is that that air that is being cooled down will create condensation that is common. The same thing will happen when you have a warm cup and you put ice and a drink in it. The cup will create condensation that will drip to the counter underneath it. When this happens to your air conditioning unit it will create condensation that then has to go somewhere. The water will end up in a pan that is there for this purpose. The pan can become full or it can have a clog that is causing it to overflow. If there is a problem with the pan it will create a leak that you want to make sure you have repaired. This is when you call out a professional that can come out and replace or repair the pan.
Frozen Air Conditioner Coils: You might be saying that there could not be ice in the middle of the summer months so this is not a possibility. The coils that are there to reduce the heat in the air can become cold and that is a good thing. The cold coils should not be so cold that they start to freeze over. If your unit is working but the coils are freezing over it is a sign of a problem. You do not want to allow the coils to freeze and if they do it is important to correct the problem. This can be done by a professional that will check for a clog or a filter that is clogged.
Secondary AC Drain Lines: Your HVAC unit also has a drain that works as a backup and usually it will drip from the roof over a window so that you as a homeowner are able to see it. The drip is a sign that there is a major problem with the drain and it is clogged so much so that it has resorted to the secondary drain. You want to make sure that you call out a professional right away if you start to notice it.

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