Why is My Air Conditioner Running But Not Cooling the House in MacDonald Ranch, NV; Dirty AC Condenser & More

There are some things you don’t want to have to deal with and can end up being stressful. One of them is in the middle of the hot summer months and your air conditioning unit is not cooling the house down. You want to have a space you can go that is comfortable and that is why most people have air conditioning and heating. The temperature in the house is an important aspect of the home being comfortable to all the members that live there. When the air conditioning unit is not working right it can be hard to live in the home until the repairs are made. The problem is that you may not know what the issue is and that is why it is best to have a professional out to do the work for you. When your home is struggling to cool down there are several things that are commonly wrong. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning outlines what could be wrong with your AC Unit if it is not cooling the home.

Dirty AC Condenser

When you have an air conditioning unit that is cooling your house and it stops doing that you need to find out what the issue is. One of the things you should know is that the unit has a part that is on the outside of the house that is called the condenser. The condenser is what you see on the side of the house and is what treats the heated air. The condenser has to be able to have movement so that it can release the heated and humid air from the home that is making it impossible to cool the house down. The issue is that the condenser is outdoors and it can become dirty and covered in debris that will make it difficult to do its job. The best thing to do is to call out a professional so that can come out to the house and do some general maintenance. They will be able to clean the condenser and ensure that the air is able to flow.

Bad AC Compressor

The other issue that you are likely to find when you notice that warm air is getting back in the house when you are using the air conditioner is that the compressor has gone bad. The top of the condenser you will that there is a large fan that should be able to move and rotate on a regular basis. If you notice that the fan is not moving when the unit kicks on it means that the compressor has likely gone bad. The compressor will need to be repaired of replaced so that the heated air is dissipated and sent out of the house and not allowed to get back in.

Low Refrigerant

The unit that you are using has some sort of refrigerant that is there to change into gas so that it can create the cooled air that is then getting in the house. The refrigerant needs to be checked and filled and if it is low it is likely a sign that there is a leak that needs to be addressed.

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