Why is My Air Conditioner Draining So Much Water in Las Vegas, NV? Clogged Condensate Drain & More

During the hot summer months the air conditioner will work day and night to help keep the home cool and comfortable. During the many cooling cycles throughout the day, condensation builds up around the air conditioner. The condensation drips into the condensate pan and out the through the drainage system. It is normal to see a bit of water dripping from the drainage pipe. However, excessive water leaks around the unit isn’t good and is a sign of a problem. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share why an air conditioner will sometimes leak excessively and what must be done to correct this problem.

Clogged Condensate Drain

When an air conditioner develops excessive leakage or the water isn’t running out of the drainage system properly, this is a sign there is a problem with the condensation drainage system. There are few different components to the overall drainage system. The first component is the condensate drain pan. There is a large metal pan that sets directly underneath the air conditioner unit. This pan essentially collects all of the condensation that drips off of the unit. Connected to the pan is a drain that feeds the water through the piping and sends the water safely away from the home. It is normal to see small amounts of dripping water coming from the end of the drainage pipe. However, if the water is leaking on the roof or through the ceiling, this is a problem.

Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

If the water is leaking and not out of the drainage pipe, this can mean a few different problems. One, there is a clog either inside the piping system or over the drainage hole. Another problem, typically in an older unit, is rust that has eaten away through the metal pan and now the water is leaking through the rusty holes. To determine the cause you will need to inspect the condensate drain pan. Check the pan for rusty holes as well as the drainage hole. If there is rusted holes, you must replace the pan. If there is a blockage around the drainage hole remove the blockage and see if the water begins to drain out. To ensure the rest of the piping is clear of blockage, see if the water is running out smoothly. If the water isn’t coming out the drainage pipe then there is a blockage in the pipe. Clearing out an internal blockage isn’t easy. You may want to consider seeking out a professional HVAC service to clean out the blockage. In some situations, the piping to the drainage system has broken and water is leaking out from the break. The piping must be repaired to stop the water from leaking. Depending on the location or cause of the leak, the leaking can damage the home. The water can be in the ceiling, walls or on the roof. Water damage can lead to wood rot and mold. Do not ignore excessive water leakage coming from the air conditioner.

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