Why is My AC Not Working as Well Anymore in Paradise, NV? What Helps a Struggling Air Conditioner?

The last thing you want is to face an air conditioning catastrophe while living in the hot Las Vegas Desert. It is common for your air conditioner to experience hiccups during the course of their use. However, recognizing that it is not keeping up with the demands is a problem you are better off addressing sooner rather than later. In order to avoid the hot and sticky indoors when their air conditioners fail hard, many homeowners opt for a new air conditioning installation in Las Vegas, NV and surrounding areas. However, when the air conditioner seems to be struggling, there are ways you can give it a boost that allows it to keep up with demand. If you pay some attention to identifying the problems with your air conditioner, you can save a lot of money because most of the time, a professional air conditioner repair is enough to bring back your air conditioner’s peak performance. Below, Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioninglist common issues that cause the air conditioner to struggle, that can typically be remedied with repair services.

Lack of AC Maintenance

Alongside keeping your air conditioner clean and tidy, every HVAC system manufacturer recommends at least two professional checkups and regular air conditioning maintenance. Relying on a professional to check your HVAC system regularly gives them the opportunity to check on all sorts of issues that you can’t see, as well as system problems that develop over time, such as the examples below.
– Refrigerant levels are inadequate
– Motor is dysfunctional
– Dirty evaporator coil, and more
Do not wait for your HVAC equipment to accumulate problems to schedule maintenance, this is a recommendation experts can’t stress enough. In order to keep your HVAC system running at its optimum ability, hire professional preventative maintenance at least twice a year.

High Indoor Humidity Levels

There is less cool air in the house when the indoor humidity levels are high. High humidity builds an ideal environment for fungal and mold growth in addition to negatively impacting the indoor air quality. Your air conditioner dehumidifies while cooling, in general. However, there could be several reasons why it is not dehumidifying enough, including the reasons listed below.
– Your house is improperly ventilated
– Seasonal high humidity
– Air filters are clogged
A sign that you need additional dehumidification measures is if your AC is running all day and still you can feel cool only while standing right next to the vents. If your AC is not old enough to replace with a new one, you can purchase a dehumidifier. Also, you can invest in a new HVAC system with improved dehumidifying facilities if your AC is more than 10 years old. High humidity levels are not usually a problem in the Las Vegas desert, but when we experience high humidity with the comings and goings of seasonal storms, your AC may struggle somewhat but shouldn’t be a long-term problem.

Clog in Outdoor AC Condenser Unit

You are probably missing out on the problems originating outdoors if you are just blaming your indoor AC unit when your home feels too hot inside. It can impede the efficiency of the entire system if the outdoor component of your air conditioner is covered with dirt, leaves, and other debris. To help you clean the outdoor unit, a professional AC repair expert can assist you. Generally, the HVAC technicians pulls the fan up and cleans out the inside of your outdoor unit.

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