Why is Cool Air Blowing when Heat is On in Las Vegas, NV? How Do I Fix My Furnace Not Blowing Hot Air?

You feel your home is very cold and so you go check to see if warm air is coming from your air vent only to discover it is blowing cool air instead. If this has happened, your furnace has run into a problem. A furnace will blow cold air when there is a malfunction or a component has failed. A furnace will often blow cold air for some common reasons. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share some of these common reasons why a furnace will blow cold air instead of warm.

Furnace Pilot Light Malfunction

When the pilot light develops a problem or malfunctions, your furnace will not be able to create heat and will simply blow cold air through the air ducts. The pilot light starts up the burners which heats the air. The warm air is then circulated through the air ducts. Sometimes the pilot light can become broken, get dirty or malfunctions. The pilot light is a common component that needs to be replaced every so often. If the pilot light is dirty, malfunctions or needs to be reset, you can seek a professional HVAC service to come and repair your pilot light.

Dirty Furnace Flame Detector

In some cases when the furnace fails to create heat, it may be due to a dirty flame detector. When the air becomes too hot or too cold, the flame detector will make adjustments. The flame detector will even have the furnace blow cool air if the air is too hot. When the flame detector becomes dirty, the detector cannot properly measure the temperature coming from the furnace and will sometimes cause cold air to blow. When the flame detector becomes dirty, it will need to be cleaned to restore your heating system.

Clogged Air Filter

When your furnace is first blowing cold air, check the air filters and make sure they are not dirty or clogged. The furnace may be struggling to make warm air as a result cold air coming from the air vents. The air filter needs to be kept changed out and kept clean often. Additionally, a furnace will have an air filter that sits inside the unit. This filter is often forgotten and can also become clogged. Make sure that your furnace’s filters are also changed as a dirty filter will reduce heating efficiency.

Low or Blocked Gas Supply

For those with a gas furnace, when your furnace is producing cold air you may have a problem with the gas supply. If the gas supply has been reduced or blocked, the furnace will not have enough of the needed fuel to create warm air. The gas supply line will need to be inspected to make sure there isn’t a leak or blockage. If the gas supply has a malfunction, be sure to seek a professional HVAC repair service to ensure the gas supply is repaired and is safe.

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When your furnace is blowing cold air instead of warm air, check the air and furnace filters and check your thermostat settings. If you cannot get your furnace creating warm air, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning and schedule our services today.