Why is Central Air Conditioner Leaking Water in North Las Vegas, NV; AC Drain Line Clogging & More

The air conditioning unit is a must in the hot summer months. The heat outside is not something that most people want to deal with. The air conditioner works to cool the house down so you can be comfortable. You want to make sure you understand the unit and what can go wrong. That way if you see an issue you know who to call and what needs to be done. There are some signs that your unit is in need of repair that you may not realize and could possibly overlook. One of the things that you may not realize can be a problem is when there is excess water around the unit or dripping from the overflow. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning outlines why an AC unit creates water and what might make it drip or leak.

Air Conditioner Leaking Water Due to Too Much Humidity

One of the things that you will notice in the summer months is that the level of humidity is quite high. The high humidity means that there is moisture in the air and that means that you will feel it and it will affect how the hot it actually feels. The humidity brings moisture that you might start to see condense on many things like a cold glass of water and even your air conditioning unit. The AC unit is working hard to cool the house down and the humidity will create the condensation. When the unit was manufactured the fact that it will have condensation was thought about. There is a drip pan under the unit that is there to catch the water and send it away from the unit so that there isn’t any damage done. The problem is that if the drip line and pan become clogged you will see a problem.

AC Drain Line Keeps Clogging

When the line that is there to deal with the condensation becomes clogged there is a secondary option. The option is a line that the condensation can use to escape the unit. The line is usually placed over a window so that if you see the drip you know that your line is clogged and it needs your attention. The line can be repaired by a professional HVAC technician. This should not be used and is a sign that you need to have it looked out.

Frozen Air Conditioner Lines

One of the other things that you might start to notice is that the coils that are there to cool the air can become frozen. The coils are supposed to be cold but not frozen. When they are frozen they are not able to continue to work and that means that your home will not be cooled off. When they are frozen the secondary problem is that there will condensation and water that you will see dripping. This is not something that you want to see and should call a professional out right away. These frozen lines will not cool the house faster but have the opposite effect.

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