Why is Air Conditioner Running But Not Blowing Cold Air in Seven Hills, NV? Bent Condenser Coils & More

It is such a frustrating feeling when you start to notice that your AC is no longer blowing cold air but is now blowing warm air into your home. It will not fix itself, so how do you fix it and how do you prevent this from happening in the future? Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning wants to help you understand why your AC is not blowing cold air anymore and what you can do to help it now and in the future.

Thermostat Issues

As simple as it may seem if your air is not blowing cold air then you need to check your thermostat. First, make sure that it is programmed correctly and it is not set too hot on accident. If you know that your thermostat is set correctly then it could be an issue with the thermostat. The older thermostats can get out of calibration or malfunction. When this happens, it could be time for a new thermostat. The new thermostats that use technology are a great upgrade that adds the latest technology to make your air-conditioning system work great again.

Dirty Air Filters

One of the main reasons why your AC is not blowing cold air is because you have dirty air filters. Your air filters need to be cleaned at least every three months if not monthly. Las Vegas is a very dusty place and those air filters can get dirty fast. Many people have pets, pet hair will also add to dirty air filters. If your air filter is too dirty the air cannot go through it. Then the air conditioner has to work harder than it should. This will cause the system to start blowing warm air instead of the cold air that you set on the thermostat. Change your air filters and see if this can make a difference.

Bent or Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coil is where it takes the heat from the inside of your home and sends it outside. If the condenser coils get dirty or the outside fans get bent then it has a hard time doing its job. When it has a hard time doing its job then warm air starts to blow inside your home instead of the cold air. To help these condenser coils stay clean, you can get a professional to come out and service them. You should be doing this yearly if not twice a year. Because you need it checked at least yearly. A maintenance agreement that Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning can provide, can be very helpful to ensure a professional comes and gets your AC working correctly.

Faulty AC Capacitors

The capacitor helps start the compressor when it is time for the AC to start working. The problem with the capacitor is that it doesn’t like a lot of heat or power surges. Well, living in Las Vegas we get a lot of heat. We also often get crazy rain storms in the summer that bring a lot of lightning. These can lead to a faulty capacitor and give you warm air blowing inside your house instead of cold. You will need an AC repair to get your AC back to blowing cold air.

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If your AC is blowing warm air, don’t wait, call a professional like Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning to come and get your AC running great again.