Why is Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air to Set Temp But Fan is Running in Green Valley Ranch, NV?

When your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home, you may wonder what you can do to restore your home’s cooling system. When the air conditioner is running but not cooling, there are a few problems that can prevent the air conditioner from cooling. Some of these problems can be easily corrected, while other problems are going to take the aid of an HVAC technician. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share what steps to take to restore your cooling system and when to contact an HVAC service.

Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioner Not Cooling

Step 1. Reset the Thermostat – If your air conditioner is not cooling and you have an automatic or programmable thermostat, turn the thermostat off. Next, turn the thermostat back on and check the thermostat’s setting. Make sure the thermostat is not set to run or fan and check the temperature’s setting. You will want to have the thermostat turned down to a lower temperature and see that the thermostat is set to auto. Additionally, check your programmed settings.
Step 2. Check the Air Filter – After checking the thermostat, you next step is to check the air filters. Dirty air filters can prevent the air conditioner from circulating and cooling properly. Not only will the air conditioner not be able to circulate the air to cool it, but it can lead to other problems as well. Make sure to always change out the air filter as needed.
Step 3. Clear Around the Outdoor Unit – Next check the outdoor unit, particularly those on the ground. Make sure the ground unit isn’t covered by vegetation or debris. It is important that the outdoor unit is clear of vegetation and debris to ensure good air flow to aid the cooling process.

When To Call an Air Conditioning Technician

There are certain problems with the air conditioner that can prevent it from cooling that will require the aid of an HVAC technician in order to repair it. One reason why an air conditioner will run but not cool is when there is low refrigerant. When the air conditioner developed a refrigerant leak, the leak will need to be located and repaired. Later the refrigerant will need to be refilled by your technician. Another reason why an air conditioner will not create cool air is when the evaporator coils are dirty. The evaporator coils will need to be cleaned so they can absorb the heat from the air. The evaporator coils can be cleaned by an HVAC technician which will restore the air conditioner’s ability to cool the air. Lastly, an air conditioner may fail to cool when the condensation drain is clogged. When the condensation drainage system is clogged, it cannot remove the humidity in the air. This will prevent the air from cooling down. The condensation drain will need to be cleaned out and then your air conditioner can begin cooling your home down once again.

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