Why Gas Furnace Burners are Not Igniting in Lone Mountain Village, NV; Broken Ignition Sensor & More

Gas furnace are very popular as they tend to be less expensive to heat up a home. During the winter season gas furnaces will work throughout the day and night to keep the home warm. During each start up, a gas furnace relies on the burners to light, which will begin the heating process. If the burners fail to light, the entire heating system will fail. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will share why the gas furnace burners will fail to light and what the proper solution is for the problem.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

One of the common reasons why a gas furnace may fail to light the burners may be that the furnace’s circuit breaker could have tripped. A gas furnace doesn’t just run on gas, it does require electricity for its ignition system, which in turn lights the burners. There are two types of ignition systems: one is a hot surface igniter and the second is an intermittent pilot light. Sometimes the blower motor can overheat and trigger the breakers to trip. If the furnace fails to start up, check the breakers. If the furnace frequently overheats or overloads, and the breaker trips often, there may be a greater problem. Do not ignore frequently tripped breakers.

Broken Furnace Ignition Sensor

As there is an electrical component that heats up and light the burners, it is common for the electrical igniter to break and require replacing. The igniter can fail either due to bad wiring, the control board has gotten damaged, or the igniter cracked. An HVAC technician can diagnose the issue. In either case, the igniter will need to be replaced. Replacing the igniter is a fast job and will get the furnace up and running.

Rusted or Dirty Furnace Burners

The burners can also rust or develop grime which will prevent the burners from lighting. This is caused because the burners are cut off from the supply of oxygen which is necessary to maintain a lit burner. If the burners have corroded, developed rust or are dirty, they will need to be cleaned. If the corrosion is severe enough, the burners may need to be replaced.

Open Furnace Limit Switch

A furnace’s safety system is essential to prevent gas from leaking inside the home. If the furnace’s safety switch is activated, it will prevent the furnace from turning on. The safety switch may be open, which will prevent the burner from turning on. There are a few reasons why the safety switch will be open. One reason could be a malfunction in the blower, the air filter may be so dirty it is causing air flow restriction, or a clogged flue. A technician can quickly reset the safety switch and get the furnace going again. However it is important to know why the safety switch was activated first.

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