Why Does My House in MacDonald Ranch, NV Have Hot & Cold Spots? Choose Right Size AC & More

One of the best parts of a high quality HVAC system is the ability to make your home comfortable whether you are looking for warmth or to cool off. When you have central air conditioning, the last thing you want are hot and cold spots in your home. All of us are looking for an even temperature no matter where you go in your house. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning is here to talk about what may be causing these hot and cold zones in your home as well as what you can do to get rid of them.

Change or Clean Your Air Filters

Probably the easiest thing that you can do to avoid hot and cold areas in your home is to ensure your air filter isn’t causing problems. If your air filter hasn’t been replaced or cleaned for a long time, it could be the culprit. You should be changing your filter on a monthly basis to ensure your AC system is getting the air circulation it needs to keep your home evenly cool.

Check Your Air Vents

The vents throughout your home are responsible for making sure cool air is evenly distributed throughout the space. If your vents are covered, closed or blocked by something, you are going to experience uneven temperatures in that room. If you have a room that seems like it is too hot, you should check the vents to see if there are any belongings or furniture resting on top of them. Check and make sure the vents are all open as well.

Have Your Insulation Checked

Sometimes, when you feel that one area in your home is much colder or much hotter than another, it could be an insulation issue. Having the right amount of insulation is key to keeping your home heated as well as cooled. You can have your insulation checked and consider having some insulation added to these areas that are too hot or too cold in your home.

Is Your AC the Right Size?

When it comes to even cooling in your home, having the correct sized unit is essential. It may seem like having a unit that is too large for your home would only help it stay cooler, easier. However, when you have a unit that is too large, you deal with short cycling, which means that your unit is constantly turning on and shutting off, which gives you an uneven cool. If your unit it too small, it can’t keep up with the size of your home and you won’t feel cool enough as well. An HVAC professional can tell you whether your unit is the right size for your home.

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