Why Do AC Refrigerant Leaks Occur in Summerlin North, NV? Worn Rubber Seals, Bad Parts & More

There are many problems that can develop in an air conditioning system. The air conditioning system is made of a number of components and each one needs to work properly to keep a home cool and comfortable. Even when each of the air conditioning’s components are running smoothly, the cooling system will not work without refrigerant. When the refrigerant is low, it is due to a leak. The refrigerant recycles and should never run out on its own. When the refrigerant is low it is always due to a leak. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning will explain the common causes for refrigerant leaks and what signs to look for.

Worn & Bad Parts Can Cause a Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant leaks are very common in older air conditioning systems. There are a number of rubber seals that are around the service valve and the valve stems. The rubber seals will eventually wear down over time. At such times, the refrigerant that travels through the valves will begin to leak out. Time can also lead to rust. If rust develops around the assembly joints, then again, the refrigerant will leak out through the joints. Rust and the wear of the rubber seals is more likely in older units. To prevent rust and to change out the rubber seals as needed, it is important to have the air conditioner professionally maintained.

Pinhole Refrigerant Leaks

Known as pin hole leaks by HVAC technicians, this is when formic, which is a naturally occurring acid, eats through the copper tubes. Formic acid can spread, developing inside the copper tube and all the way to evaporator coils. As the formic acid begins eating away the copper, then pin holes develop refrigerant leaks. Pin holes cannot be easily repaired and often the copper tube or the evaporator coils will need to be replaced. Formaldehyde, which turns into formic acid, takes a few years to become a major problem. Often after five years the homeowners need to consider pin holes as a source of refrigerant leaks.

How Do I Know if My Refrigerant is Leaking?

When the air conditioner has a refrigerant leak it will develop certain symptoms. One of the earlier warning signs that there is a refrigerant leak is an increased power bill. As the refrigerant level drops, it will become harder and harder to create cool air which will cause the air conditioner to run more often. When the refrigerant is mostly gone the air conditioner will run, but you will only feel warm air flowing through the air vents. Another major issue of little to no refrigerant is that the air conditioner will begin to overheat. When the air conditioner overheats the cooling system may trip or turn off suddenly. Tripping breakers or short cycling is another common indicator of low refrigerant.

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When there are signs the refrigerant is low, turn off the air conditioner and contact a professional HVAC service. They can locate the sight of the leak, repair and refill the refrigerant. As you begin to run your cooling system and discover it has a leak or other problems, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today.