Why Change the Air Filters in Your North Las Vegas, NV Home; Dust, Mold, Furnace Wear & More

Think about what would happen if you decided to stop checking your email for a month. The amount of mail you would have to go through when you finally did would be staggering! What would happen if you didn’t change the air filter of your HVAC system? Even though the air filter is a small part of the system, it plays a big part in the way it functions.

How an Air Filter Works

Air filters are not air purifiers. They do trap some of the dust that gets pulled into the ducts but are not designed to trap all the dander, pollen, allergens, and other particulates that are floating throughout your home. You will need to purchase the right filter for your home. The biggest job your air filter has is to protect the HVAC unit from harmful things in the air. When air filters are clean your unit can do a better job at keeping your home comfortable and energy efficient.

Blower Fans & Duct Work

You should change filters as soon as they look dirty. Filters will stop screening the air properly when they get dirty and allow contaminants to get into the HVAC. Dust buildup will interfere with the moving parts and will need to use more power to compensate. The system will also be less energy efficient.

Air Filter for Moisture & Mold

There are other contaminants that can enter your system when it’s dirty. Spores and allergens can only be trapped with high energy particulate air filters (HEPA). HEPA filters have much finer mesh than other filters to screen out dander, pollen, allergens, and mold spores. These contaminates can enter your system when HEPA filters are dirty. Mold can quickly develop if moisture accumulates in the ducts.

Furnace Wear & Tear

Problems can only get worse if you continue to ignore a dirty air filter. Not only will the filter stop working, the dust will degrade the moving parts. The parts will start to slow down and will need more power to function. The mechanics of your system will wear out much faster and will need to be repaired or replaced sooner. Most HVAC systems are designed to last fifteen to twenty years. Those that run with dirty filters can have their lifespan shortened by five to ten years.

How to Change Air Filter

1. Buy a new filter. You will need to make sure you buy the right sized filter and one that will work best for your home.
2. Turn the system off. The safest way to replace the filter is to do it after you have turned the system off.
3. Remove the dirty filter. The air filter can be found near the blower system if you have one system that handles the heating and cooling.
4. Insert the new filter. Make sure the new filter slides in easily and that the arrows point towards the blower.

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Just like dirt and grime collects on the surfaces of your home, it collects on the air filter too. This makes it harder for your system to function and can lead to other problems. Contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning for any HVAC services.