Why Central Air Conditioners or Heat Pumps Are Better than Swamp Coolers in Henderson, NV

In the desert, we have two choices to moderate the blistering temperature we ‘enjoy’ throughout the summer months. Evaporative cooling or the heat pump/air conditioner. Heat pumps and central air conditioning systems can be used year around while air conditioning is limited to cooling as is evaporative systems.

Coolant Effect of Evaporation

Both systems use the evaporation of a liquid to cool the air. In a single stage, evaporative cooling air is drawn through a water ‘curtain’, heated air evaporates the water and heat is transferred to the water to evaporate it and cools the air which is then introduced into the building. To operate the evaporative cooler is relatively inexpensive, though pumps and fan motors consume electrical energy they are still cheaper to operate than even the most efficient AC unit. Downside, the evaporative cooler is a ‘bulk’ cooler depending on a lot of air circulation. Air needs to vented into the attic or out open windows, it is not recirculated as it can become saturated and ineffective. Evaporation depends on low humidity conditions and becomes progressively less efficient as the relative humidity rises.

Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner High Humidity Problems

The two-stage evaporative cooler uses a heat exchanger to cool the air. The first stage is ‘wet’ like a standard swamp cooler, but the cooled air is passed across a series of pipes or tubing, absorbing heat from the inside air and cooling it. The air is recirculated making the cooling cycle a bit more efficient. Cooling is provided in a closed environment, no ceiling vents or open windows. Still, two stage evaporative coolers depend for effectiveness on a low relative humidity. Water with a high alkaline (hard water) content will demand more maintenance of evaporative cooling machinery, another factor for consideration. As urban sprawl intensifies, humidity due to human activity and plant expiration the local average humidity has risen over the years, making the evaporative cooler a less attractive solution to heat modification. Misters are just an external evaporative solution and cheap, even though they do consume water.

Central Air Conditioners Provide a Comfortable Interior Climate

Heat pumps and air conditioners also operate on an evaporative-condensation cycle, but a are ‘closed’ systems. The fluid is a refrigerant; a halocarbon product and are fluorine carbons or refrigerants. Freon is a trade mark, but has become common when referring to fluorine or chlorine containing carbon based refrigerants, like Xerox when we refer to photocopies. The compressor in conjunction with condenser, a radiator looking device, and air flow provided by a fan, condense the gaseous refrigerant to a liquid. This liquid then flows to another radiator looking device, the evaporator, with a fan recirculating inside air through it. Heat is given up as the refrigerant evaporates cooling the air. In this cycle heat is ‘pumped’ from inside to the outside, providing a comfortable interior climate.

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