Why Ceiling Fans May Not Be Best Choice to Help Central AC Cool a Room During Heat Wave in Tuscany Village, NV

Many people will plug in fans inside their home to help them stay cool during the hot summers. As the fan blows air on you, it may make you feel cooler. However, there are recent research reports that suggest fans may be creating a bigger problem than what they are helping. Recent evidence reveals that fans may be increasing heat sickness and even heat strokes. Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning would like to share how fans may not be the answer when trying to stay cooler during the summer.

Do Ceiling Fans Help Cool Homes in Hot, Dry Climates?

During the heat wave that hit Europe in 2003, about 30,000 people died. Another heat wave in Russia in 2010 resulted in 11,000 deaths. Many of these countries do not have air conditioning systems in their homes as their climates are much cooler. During these heat waves, many people used fans to help them stay cooler. However, recent studies have shown when the outdoor temperature exceeds 95 degrees Fahrenheit, when using a fan, you are blowing air hotter than the body’s core temperature. The fan is actually helping to heat the body up which as a result can cause the heat sickness or heat stroke. This heating affect is particularly dangerous in hot and dry climates such as that in Southern Nevada. Fans can help reduce the heat in more humid climates versus dry climates.

How Ceiling Fans Work in Hot Summer Weather

Currently, there isn’t a lot of research that has been conducted to determine the effectiveness of fans throughout the year to clearly say if they can be dangerous or not. Due to climate change, heat waves may happen more frequently, which is creating more of a demand for more research. However, it can be said that the fan doesn’t create cooler air. The air the fan is blowing is the temperature of the surrounding area. If it is hot inside or outside the fan will be blowing the same temperature air. However, it not just the temperature of the air the fan is blowing that can be dangerous, it’s the effect of the fans itself. The blowing air of the fan makes the sweat dry quicker. But sweating is the human’s only defense against the heat. The sweat help cools the body down during excessive heat. When the fan dries the sweat, the body can’t cool down and the core body temperature can increase. If the core body temperature can’t cool down, the body will sweat more and more and eventually dehydrate the body. Dangerous heat levels will increase to a dangerous state.

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As Las Vegas can have naturally hot and dry summers, it is important to regularly maintain your home’s HVAC system. We depend on our air conditioning system to help us survive the summer. When the air conditioning system goes out, it can become a dangerous situation. Avoid using electrical fans to stay cool while your air conditioning system is being repaired as it could cause more problems than it is actually helping. Find other methods to stay cool if your air conditioner goes out during the summer. Consider keeping a cool wet cloth around your neck, take cold shower, or seek refuge at a friend or family member’s home. If your air conditioner system goes out unexpectedly this summer and you need help fast, contact Air Supply Heating & Air Conditioning today for emergency repairs.